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Mass Effect 3 is a good Mass Effect game

Content of the article: "Mass Effect 3 is a good Mass Effect game"

I finally finished ME3 last night for the first time. It's a nostalgic series for me, I actually played mass effect 2 first. I remember picking it up after school (back when you could still get boxed pc games) and just been taken away with it despite not really knowing what was happening. I think I had to look up reapers and some things in the wiki. Hearing the music and seeing all those characters again brings back memories. I started to play the series back to back maybe 1-2 years ago since I had never played 1 and wanted to experience the series with imported saves so I could play as my Shepard all the way through, but I never got round to 3 until just recently.

I thought it was going to be a bad game or something, from all the things people say about it online, but to my surprise it wasn't. I thought it was great, and just felt like a continuation of Mass effect 2, like you could attach it to the end of ME2 and it wouldn't feel out of place. It was great teaming up with the old friends from 2 again. Combat was slightly improved too but I did use a mod that allowed you to use all powers while others were cooling down – using one power at a time sounds terrible. I really couldn't understand all the hate, if you enjoyed ME2 how could you not enjoy 3?

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As for the ending – which gets a lot of complaints – I thought it was fine, granted I don't know what the release ending was like since I have the DLC that fixes/changes it so maybe someone can inform me of it. I think they clearly intended to end the series there, at least for Shepard. It felt fitting really for Shepard to sacrifice himself for the galaxy in the end since he had been fighting for it so much. Maybe a lot of people like uber happy endings where everything goes back to normal and Shepard gets to have a family with his love and there is no more conflict? I thought it was refreshing for a major game not to have one of those endings. I did accidentally choose the 'synthesis' option, I thought you made the choice at the big ray of light when the other choices were up to the left and right. I didn't agree with that one really as it seemed like a thinly veiled pro trans-humanism ending, and the organic life just had their entire makeup altered without any choice or say in the matter. I actually wanted to choose control, that sounded like the best choice as Shepard would now be the conduit and have control with more understanding of the world. I might reload and choose it, as long as the end cutscene is different.

Anyways, I thought it was as enjoyable an experience as the others and maybe the criticism was overblown? Maybe I'm not holding a sci-fi space opera video game to high enough standards

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