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Mega Man X Legacy, Suffer or Bail

Content of the article: "Mega Man X Legacy, Suffer or Bail"

I've put off buying from the seemingly infinite length Mega Man sale until last week when I finally paid $10 on the switch eshop for the later series (X5-8). Having played half of 5 and two stages of 6, I'm questioning whether I can tell my children that I'm good at Mega Man.

For background, I grew up playing Mega Man X 1-3 on SNES and beat the first two without help on the console but never beat 3 until I had emulation years later. I have played those 3 to death at this point and can beat any without the help emulators could provide. I beat Hollow Knight without a guide, I've beaten all of the 2D Metroid series without help, etc. I feel like in this game style I'm not a pro, but I'm no slouch either.

The Good:

In general I knew what I was getting and I assumed it would have unfamiliar elements and deeper(more complex) controls. It is all of that and of course has improved graphics, sound and most of the same formula of platform, check the edges for secrets, fight a pattern-based boss. Even with my below frustrations it checks emotional boxes that make me want to continue.

The Pain:

While the story is generally on par with MMX, the very heavily expanded dialog is is badly translated, reiterates irrelevant points multiple times and is mostly unskippable. Reading poorly worded, paragraphs of dialog, one-half sentence at a time, is frankly terrible. That isn't a deal breaker, but it does add to the irritation.

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They seem to have crossed over from challenging to make you improve yourself to challenging as a point of how unworthy you are. I thinking about the stage in MMX5 that took me 27 lives just to get past the motorcycle section only to find that they hid some cool thing behind a door that requires you to not just survive, but to collect all the out of the way shinies too.

The bosses I've faced so far are clear knock-offs of some of the iconic 1-3 bosses. This could be explainable and could be fine with me but the story tries to pretend like they aren't. "I'm the Maverick Hunter YY that looks exactly like Maverick YY and has all the same moves and I even beat Maverick YY once."

The Point:

I'm patient enough to face my mortality as a twitch-reaction gamer, but what do you think oh wise internet:

  • Should I pony up for a different controller and give it another go?
  • Should I jump on gamefaqs or youtube for a walkthrough?
  • Should I switch to 7 and/or 8 because they get better?
  • Should I simply write off my $10 and start up a 12th playthrough of Hollow Knight?
  • Should I ignore the frustration, stop whining and just practice to "git gud"?
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Looking forward to your advice!


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