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Megaman Legends- Saturday morning feeling

I decided to play megaman legends after seeing how passionate a certain Kyle Bosman, formerly of the easy allies, was about this game.

Luckily you don't need to know too much about other megaman games, as my only megaman experience came from seeing him in different fighting games. The story follows Megaman volnutt, his sister and adoptive father who are professional diggers, people who adventure underground , fighting ancient robots in search of crystals that can power technology.

The artstyle instantly grabbed me instantly, it's like playing through a 90's anime. The artsyle holds up beautifully and the characters show all the classic anime expressions. A good artsyle goes a long way for me and I can say they knocked it out the park here.

The other star of the show is the island the games takes place in, Kattlox island. You spend a lot of time getting to know the people of this island. When battling the city can be destroyed but you can help pay to fix it up. There are multiple recurring npc's with multi-part sidequests which grow along with your reputation. The island really begins to feel like home and it is accompanied by incredibly cozy music. Taking the time to interact with the citizens is actually rewarded well with weapons, zenny and story etc. There is a reputation system but I wasn't even aware of it during my playthrough as its not made very clear and I don't think it has any game-changing affects.

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The dungeons are pretty simple in design, however you start to see them link in interesting ways. The warm cozy city is well juxtaposed with traversing the dark stressful dungeons full of reverbots. Exploration here is also well rewarded which I enjoyed. There's a decent amount of enemy variety, introduced over the course of the game. Dungeons dont contain many puzzles either and any puzzles introduced are pretty simple.

In terms of story, it honestly felt like I was playing an Saturday morning anime. The villian pirates even reminded me of team rocket. I felt the story was a little goofy, simple but charming. However, it does get deeper in more than one way as you learn more. Your relationship with characters both main and side-characters is at the forefront though and it is engaging to see them grow. Voice acting is also pretty good, most games from what I understand didnt even have voice acting then so thats another plus.

Combat is hindered by camera controls, as this was before analog stick camera controls. Fighting air enemies in particular is annoying. The lock on system helps with most enemies which are grounded. Open area combat is the best as you have freedom to tackle it by strafing and being aggressive or using cover and picking your shots. Also the buster weapons are varied and you can upgrade and try different weapons by spending time exploring the island and earning zenny. There's some pretty challenging bossfights but I never felt anything was unfair. Trying different weapons helped me overcome some of the tougher bosses.

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In the end I really enjoyed my time with this game, I think for the time it was made, it is ahead of its time in certain areas. If you've ever wondered how it would be feel to play a 90's Saturday morning anime, then I would highly recommend this game. Like seriously it made me feel nostalgic and I didn't even grow up with this game. Looking forward to playing megaman legends 2.


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