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Hello there,

I would like to tell you about the problem I have had for a long time. I was protecting my Blizzard account with the authenticator I got from my mobile phone. I haven't logged into my account for about 2 years. When I want to login again, after entering my account password and entering the code generated by the authenticator, "That authenticator code is invalid." I encountered with the error. I re-sync the Authenticator application, but again I encountered the same error. I deleted the application and installed it again (entered the serial number and restore code of the authenticator), when I tried to log in to the account, I encountered the same error again. I did everything I had to do but couldn't find a solution. I prepared a letter that clearly stated the problem I was having, and forwarded it to Blizzard as a ticket. In response, Blizzard asked for a picture with my government credentials. However, when I opened my account, I told them that I opened without using my credentials (opened with a pseudonym) and that they would not be able to confirm anything with the credentials I would send them. I suggested that we find a solution by sending a verification code to the e-mail address to which my account is linked. However, they declared that they cannot send anything to my e-mail address for security reasons (such a restriction on my e-mail, which is my responsibility, is not in Blizzard's limit). After several correspondence, they said that they could not do anything for my account due to the mismatch between my credentials and the information on my account. "You cannot take my account from me because of the problem that is not my fault. Show me a solution." I replied.

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I cannot get my account back due to a situation that is not my fault. And it doesn't get resolved because of Blizzard's absurd imposition.

I am waiting for your suggestions and help on the topic. (Sorry for my English, I get help from google translate.)


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