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Meta Monday: Q1 Quarterly Report

It is once again the first Monday of a month, and so here we are again with another Meta thread. This one, however, will be different – it is something new we want to try: A thread every 3 months going over what's been done during this time period. I want to talk about a few distinct things:

What we remove and why

Starting with this quarterly post, we would like to share with you the count on what posts we remove and for what reason they were removed. As we have only recently devised a way to automatically tabulate this, we do not have data for the first month of the year – but should have full data for everything going forward.

Table of Removals from February to March

As you can see from this, our most common removals are Rule 8 (promotional rules), Rule 7 (content restrictions) and Rule 4 (reposts). Please note that there are some removals not listed here – but these constitute posts caught by automatic filters as being spam.

A note on Rule 8 specifically, as there is a common misconception about it – what it boils down to is, the source of anything you submit to this subreddit needs to be less than 10% of your total submissions across all of Reddit, whether this be a YouTube channel or a news site. Even if it is not a domain you own, Rule 8 still applies. This rule is based on old etiquette guidelines from the early days of Reddit, and continues to be employed to help weed out potential sources of excessive promotion and spam.

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There have been approximately 7000 posts removed over the last two months for one reason or another – this constitutes a large chunk of the workload involved in community upkeep, with comment removals making up the other largest chunk. Smaller but equally important activities include tweaking subreddit settings, organizing AMAs, typing up weekly posts just like this one, warning/banning egregiously rulebreaking users, and handling changes to the site as a whole when they crop up.

Weekly topical threads

The weekly Thematic Monday thread&restrict_sr=on&sort=new&t=all) has been receiving a good amount of responses each week, which is nice to see! We have an internal list of topics that we'll be touching on going forward, and hope to put one out every week for the remainder of the year and beyond (No, I definitely didn't miss a week on accident, what do you mean?).

Flairing, and how it's been going

We introduced post flairs a while back now, and so far it's been a resounding success in my opinion. Flairing has been quickly adopted by many despite not being pushed upon people – a great sign! There are some changes we are thinking about making to the flairs, adding and tweaking them, so if you have any idea regarding this please leave them below.

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General Feedback

If you want to talk about anything not listed here that is relevant to Games, you may also leave that here as well. If it is a complaint regarding a specific post or mod action, consider sending a modmail for a more detailed response.

That's all for this week. Tune in next Monday for our next Thematic Discussion thread!


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