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Meta Monday: Rule Updates and Impression Threads

Content of the article: "Meta Monday: Rule Updates and Impression Threads"

Hello Games, we have another Meta Monday post for you, albeit not really on a Monday at all. This discussion is going to be mostly focused on one somewhat big change, and two somewhat small updates.

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Impression Threads

We are introducing a new but familiar thread type in the subreddit called "Impression Threads". These discussions are places where users can discuss recently released games. We have had quite a few of these already but we wanted to give them the rubber stamp of approval and add a few guidelines for them so they remain accessible to the community at large and they remain consistent. These new threads will get a new flair "Impression Thread" so that you can easily search for them in reddit's fantastic built-in search feature.

Tied to this newly official thread type, we are adding a new rule as a guideline as to how the threads should be operated from a user standpoint:

6.14 Impression Threads – Impression threads serve as discussion spaces for users to share their thoughts and experiences on a recent release. Those who create an impression thread should provide some initial points for discussion and must link to any review threads created for the game.

A total of two impression threads can be established for each game. The first can only be created a week after the release date. The second, a month after the initial release date. Release time does not matter: only the date. Impression threads posted outside these timeframes will be removed.

We've heard some feedback in the past about some of these being put up far too early for a reasonable amount of people to put in enough time to review the game, so the timing restrictions in place here allow people at least a week to play and collect their thoughts, and then a second thread further down the road for anyone who missed the discussion or had new opinions they wanted to discuss. Often times when large releases come out we get a huge influx of user submitted reviews which are fantastic, but the flip side is the subreddit becomes inundated with self posts about the same game over and over. We also wanted to allow the second Impression Thread as a sort of retrospect back to the previous discussion to see how opinions have shifted after a month or so of stewing on the game. Note – this does not mean that people can't submit threads about the game outside of the Impression Threads – topics about game updates, widespread technical issues, patch notes, etc are still welcome to be submitted separately. You can view our first Impression Thread here.

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Rule Updates

After some recently released titles which had a large influx of staggered reviews released, we've decided to update the verbiage of Review Thread rule:

6.13 Review Threads – Review threads may not be posted sooner than five minutes prior to the embargo lifting. If no embargo exists, then a minimum of four completed reviews is needed before a review thread can be created. Those who post a review thread must provide updates periodically throughout the day. Failure to do so may result in the thread being removed, and the creator of the thread not being allowed to post future review threads.

Any reviews posted within a week after a review thread has been established will be removed for Rule 4. If extenuating circumstances result in the publication of a substantial amount of reviews after the initial review thread, the creation of additional review threads is permitted. If this occurs and a new review thread is established, reviews posted outside of the review thread will continue to be removed for Rule 4 up to one week after the new review thread is created.

This update basically expands our Review Thread window from 2 days to 1 week, and goes into detail on how we would likely allow additional Review Threads for games where reviews are spread out over the course of several weeks for example. The rationale for this update is similar to that of 6.14 – when the staggered reviews hit Games hard enough, the subreddit becomes pretty bogged down by reviews from many different sources and we want to make sure that other discussions and news have visibility.

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We have updated our paywall rule to include some verbiage to cover login walls as well. We can't expect folks to create accounts / hand over personal info to view content on the subreddit and so those sources will not be allowed going forward.

6.1 Link to the original source; if the original source is inaccessible, then link to an acceptable alternative. When a website embeds or copies content (articles, videos, interviews, etc.) from another source without adding significant information, we consider this blogspam. If an alternative source contributes significant and meaningful analysis or commentary on information given by the original source, it may be allowed but please try to locate and link the original source wherever possible instead.

If the original source is inaccessible, due to a paywall or any similar mechanisms that otherwise impede viewing the content without some form of transaction, usually non-monetary in nature, such as giving information, creating an account and logging in, etc., then posting an alternative as a source is acceptable.

This rule does not apply to original sources that are not in English: an alternative source that provides an adequate translation (automated translations, such as Google Translate, is not permitted) is acceptable.

On that note – there are a few sites where a lot of larger stories tend to come from that are unfortunately behind paywalls. We would like to point out that some of these sites have built in AMP pages that appear to avoid the paywalls. AMP pages which are hosted on the original domain are permitted, however AMP links hosted on Google are not. Example:

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