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Metal Gear Solid

I over the past couple of years have played some of the mgs games. I played mgs2 mgs3 mgs5 Peace Walker and mgrr and I played these because of the fact that they are the only ones on xbox.

Mgs2: It was fun kinda lame that you had to play as Raiden and not Snake. The story was goofy like all the mgs games and the twist at the end was entertaining. I had watched videos on the mgs storyline so I know a bit about it because I had not played the first games. I liked the stealth and gameplay better than mgs3. I feel like the controls were better but that might be because I played this one most recently.

Mgs3: I had fun with this one a lot. Ocelot was great and whenever he was on screne it was fun. I loved Snake and the betrayel by the Boss. I thought the combat it some portions were super clunky especially the fight with Colonel Volgin and the Boss. I really enjoyed the cinematic aspects of the fights. I enjoyed the amount of customization of Snake compared to mgs 2 with Raiden.

Mgs5: This one was just a fun game. I know a bit about what was going on in the story but I thought the story felt a little rushed. Like idk what happened with the kids and the metal gear. I love the gamplay its the best out of the series. There are so many ways to play the game and they are all fun. The first person gunplay sucked tho and it looked weird. The fob stuff I didnt really do because of the game being dead. I loved the goofyness like in any mgs game. I like that there was more to do with mother base than in Peace Walker.

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Peace Walker: I haven't completly finished this but last thing I did was the date with Paz. I like the gameplay and Mother Base was a cool edition even though there isn't a ton to do. I like the characters and I appreciate what they were going for with the cutscenes but I prefer the normal ones. I hated the qtes like the torture thing that took me forever to do. Overall I like the game and want to finish it but I put it down to play other things.

Metal Gear Rising Revengance: I played this most recently and reallh enjoyed it. I love the villians like Monsoon, Jetstream Sam, Big Boi (Forgot his name) and Senator Armstrong. I dont really care for Mistral but I do like the others a lot. I love the dialogue about memes its just super funny. I love the combat it is super fun and satisfying to just chop people up. I hated the parry mechanic as I feel it would just be better for it to be one button not two. I liked Raiden better here than in Mgs2 but he is a little edgy. I loved all the boss fights its like a souls boss fight but with way more personality in the characters. The music is early 2000s trash but I love it and it makes the fights so much cooler. The game was super funny and I will probably go back go it soon. I enjoyed the dlcs as well, the Blade Wolf one was not as good as the Jetstream Sam one.

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I was given the idea to post this by another post on the subreddit.

I knoe this wasn't the most detailed post but I wanted to share my experience with these games especially now that I finished all the ones I can without buying a Playstation of some kind.


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