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Metro 2033 Redux – I feel crazy for hating this game

Content of the article: "Metro 2033 Redux – I feel crazy for hating this game"

I anticipate this will be a wildly unpopular opinion but I have to vent and get this off my chest. I have spent the last few days completing Metro 2033 Redux and it is probably one of the least enjoyable FPS or survival horror experiences I've had and the praise I see online for it is a little confounding. I never go into a game wanting to pick it apart and even with bad games I try to find enjoyable aspects because I know I'll be spending time with it and want to find some value in the time spent. But the praise for this game seems so very disproportionate to the actual quality to the point where I feel crazy for having such a wildly opposite experience to so many others. I'll say that I haven't read the books the game is based on so I judged the game entirely on it's own merits, of which there are few if any, IMO.

Perhaps I'm not being fair in my assessment of it since my first time playing it was right after Doom Eternal and TLOU2, but nothing about the story or the gameplay ever gets anywhere close to being remotely fun or interesting. Even compared to absolute garbage I've played and completed in the past it doesn't hold up.

It is the brownest game of all time, the combat is boring and repetitive, offering absolutely nothing in the way of twists or engaging mechanics. Generally, underground environments like tunnels and caves are among the least interesting areas in games and that is pretty much the only environment this game offers and doesn't even do it well. The only areas that get anywhere close to being cool or compelling are on the surface, but those are few and far between. I see the game praised for it looking beautiful or having great graphics but…. where? The entire game has the same, dull aesthetic.

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Voice acting is terrible, although I'm biased in that regard because I hate the way Russian accents sound in English. I tried Russian language with English subs but it was just as annoying, especially when voices overlapped and I didnt know who the subtitles were supposed to be attributed to.

You follow the same repetitive pattern throughout. Listen to some NPC say boring dialogue, follow them and wait for them to slowly perform whatever action they need to, fight the same enemies in the exact same way, rinse and repeat. Sometimes whatever NPC you have to follow and wait on will hit their mark after finally getting there and you go another 5-10 seconds of absolutely nothing happening, waiting for their dialogue or action to trigger progress. It is just such a damn chore. It also has the worst turret section of any game I've played.

The only thing remotely interesting about the game is that I can envision a better game using the same atmosphere to a much greater effect, but Metro 2033 fails for me on every single level. I am hoping the sequels are worth the setting.

Everything is just so god damn slow, from the pacing to your actual movement. I dont mind slow games or games with little to no action. Loved every minute of RDR2, have played several walking sims, narrative-driven games, etc and have enjoyed them all but Metro 2033 just doesn't do anything well. The game has no charm, no personality, no engaging dialogue (if you can even call it dialogue with a silent protagonist) or banter, no real characters, and no USP to make it worth ever revisiting. Nothing was ever really engaging enough to give me a reason to explore the hub areas or read the documents after the first several I picked up. Then at the end of the slog you are finally rewarded with the only semi interesting set piece in the entire game with the materializing maze which is instantly ruined by doing nothing remotely fun with it. Just garbage platforming and a slow mo shootout with a motionless entity.

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Reminds me a lot of Terminator Resistance and Enemy Front. Bland, boring, and does nothing interesting with what could be a compelling game. Metro 2033 seemed no different than something like Alien Colonial Marines. Only reason I finished this one is because it was relatively short (even though it felt like an endless slog), I read the sequels are better, and the only other non-metro title in my backlog is Prey, which I'm saving for last.

With most highly praised games that I was a little underwhelmed by like Nier: Automata, which I ended up really liking, or Jedi:Fallen Order, which is was thoroughly let down by, I can at least see how someone would love the game or even consider it one of their favorites. But I can't see that at all with this game. Overall insanely underwhelmed after reading so much praise for the series.

I'm not gonna say people who liked the game have bad taste or are wrong for liking it and I apologize for the harshness if you loved this game. I just simply dont get it.

Please tell me Last Light and Exodus are far and away better than 2033. Please šŸ™


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