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Metro Series – Going Downhill?

Content of the article: "Metro Series – Going Downhill?"

I just started (and beaten) Metro 2033 Redux/Last Light Redux/Exodus this month. I played it in Ranger, Ranger Hardcore, and Normal in that order. Exodus is still fresh on my mind and will have a longer breakdown.

I'll combine my Metro 2033/Last Light review, since they share many points.

Metro 2033 was fantastic! Metro Last Light Redux felt more of the same, in a good way.


  • Played out like a survival horror, since things can pop out anywhere. Resources was very limited and you might even have to resort to using your currency to attack.
  • Great post-apocalyptic plot and paranormal ideas, and seeing how people are clinging onto survival, and how each hub are drastically different in how people cope and survive. I like how morality is a key issue around the dark ones and how they should be dealt with, and the repercussions


  • Limited resources means you are likely to be using the same two upgraded weapons majority of the entire game.
  • Minor things. I wish the characters were more fleshed out. What happened to Hunter or Khan? Hoping this gets addressed in future games.

Metro Exodus was the weakest of them all.


  • Much easier to experiment with new weapons on the fly due to the workshop.
  • The music! To be honest, I didn't even notice if there was music in the previous games, but the music in this really stands out.
  • Beautiful environments, especially Taiga. The environments look beautiful in both day and night
  • Character interactions. Due to the hub like system, you get to know your crew more, nothing major though. Still, it is good to see your crew develop as time goes on. I do wish this was more integrated into the game, rather than being optional discussions in a hub.
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  • The open world is very barren and feels like a means to an end. There is very little reward to do side quests, beyond basic resources. Side quests would likely make more sense in Ranger Hardcore. Due to the open world layout, the world design can be spotty at times such as clipping issues, or your car taking a giant tumble over a small bump. On top of that, this is the first in the Metro series to implement stamina for running. The one game that would benefit from unlimited run like before, and they removed it.
  • BUGGY. The game would have stutter issues that persists for minutes at a time, only for it to come and go randomly. Enemies would randomly teleport around, mainly during their attack animations. Another glitch where when you get the car, your view is the roof of the car.
  • Modes of transportation. They are all slow and terrible, getting stuck onto the environments.
  • The story. The first two Metro games felt like I was on a mission for the greater good, whereas this became a damsel in distress plot. Whereas Last Light builds on 2033, the ramifications in LL contribute little to Exodus. You'd think the dark ones and being able to communicate with them plotline be more significant. There is no clear enemy in Exodus, compared to the previous games. As well, what happened to Arytom's journals? I loved getting his insights throughout the mission. Instead, all journals are from a 3rd party that I have no connection with.
  • Not a survival horror. 2033 and LL were claustrophobic and dwells in the paranormal. However, due to the more open world gameplay, it does not feel suspenseful at all outside of key parts such as when you return to the metro
  • Minor things. Why remove the military grade bullets? The crafting mechanics sort of undermines the need for them, but it would be great to have the option to switch out to better ammo like before. Why allow the ability to patch your mask? When your mask got damaged before, it was the number 1 priority to find a new one. Now, it's just a minor hindrance like changing your filters.
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I hope the next Metro game returns to a more linear, survival horror game. I don't think it is easy to create a suspenseful open world environment, compared to a closed environment. I'm glad the developers are not sitting on their laurels and taking chances to try new things though.


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