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Game Title: Metroid Dread

Genre: 2D Metroidvania, action-adventure

Platforms: Nintendo Switch



Developer: Nintendo EPD Info

MercurySteam Info

Developers' HQ: Kyoto, Japan

San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid, Spain (respectively)

Publisher: Nintendo

Price: Standard – $59.99 USD

Release Date: October 8, 2021

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 88 | 90% Recommended

MetaCritic – 90

Dreadfully arbitrary list of past Metroid games –

EntryScore Platform, Year, # of CriticsMetroid II: Return of Samus80 GameRankings GB, 1992, 7 criticsSuper Metroid97 GameRankings SNES, 1994, 10 criticsMetroid Fusion92 GBA, 2002, 44 criticsMetroid Prime97 GC, 2002, 70 criticsMetroid: Zero Mission89 GBA, 2004, 50 criticsMetroid Prime 2: Echoes92 GC, 2004, 60 criticsMetroid Prime Pinball79 DS, 2005, 51 criticsMetroid Prime: Hunters85 DS, 2006, 54 criticsMetroid Prime 3: Corruption90 Wii, 2007, 62 criticsMetroid Prime Trilogy91 Wii, 2009, 48 criticsMetroid: Other M79 Wii, 2010, 71 criticsMetroid Prime: Federation Force64 3DS, 2016, 56 criticsMetroid: Samus Returns85 3DS, 2017, 83 critics


Ars TechnicaSam MachkovechUnscored

If "classic 2D adventure on Switch" puts the same tingle in your spine as it does mine, Mercury Steam will not lead you astray with this impressive sequel. Buy.

PolygonRuss FrushtickUnscored

There I was, many hours into Metroid Dead, completely stumped as to where I should go.
And I was loving every minute of it.

Console CreaturesBobby PashalidisRecommended

There’s a reason we’ve classified an entire genre of games as Metroidvania – the queen cannot be toppled, and Metroid Dread is a shining example of how the original is always better.

EurogamerMartin RobinsonEssential

A stylish, visually sumptuous return for 2D Metroid, and an adventure that proudly sits alongside the series' best.

Nintendo LifePJ O'Reilly10 / 10

Metroid Dread is a triumphant return for both Samus Aran and developer MercurySteam. This is a super-slick, hugely entertaining and exquisitely designed entry in the Metroid franchise that plays better than anything we've seen from the series so far. With a bunch of fantastic new abilities, super tense and enjoyable stealth sections, plenty of great big boss fights and a story that fans will definitely enjoy, we can't really see how this one could have been any better. Best Metroid game ever? This could be the one.

Screen RantCody Gravelle5 / 5 stars

Metroid Dread is an instant classic. Its seamless blend of exploration, combat, puzzle-solving, and light touches of story creates one of the most engaging experiences on Nintendo Switch.

TrustedReviewsRyan Jones5 / 5 stars

Metroid Dread is one of the best games I’ve played on the Nintendo Switch. While staying faithful to the Metroidvania blueprint set by Super Metroid back in 1994, it’s also benefited from many improvements that will appeal to a modern audience.

VGCAndy Robinson5 / 5 stars

With a near-perfect balance of nods to the past and fresh ideas, Metroid Dread brings cinematic flair, fast-paced action and a surprising story to the side-scrolling classic. This is the comeback fans have been waiting for.

AtomixAlberto DesfassiauxSpanish96 / 100

Samus is back, better than ever.

AreajugonesJuan LinaresSpanish9 / 10

Metroid Dread seems like the perfect mix to me.

CGMagazineJoe Findlay9 / 10

Metroid Dread is a wonderful, modern take on a classic game from childhood. It looks as beautiful as any of today’s games, but has a feel of the games of old. The scary tone of the game and its intense foes give you a challenge worthy of the series.

Digital TrendsGiovanni Colantonio4.5 / 5 stars

Metroid Dread sharpens everything that makes Metroid enjoyable, while more fully realizing its horror ambitions.

Game InformerBen Reeves9 / 10

Intense combat and a series of challenging boss fights require a high level of play, but the thrill of victory is incredibly sweet

God is a GeekAdam Cook9 / 10

Metroid Dread is nearly the perfect return for Samus, and only some difficulty spikes rain on the parade. This is a tight, responsive 2D Metroid experience that constantly impresses and surprises in equal measure and is the perfect way to launch the new Switch model.

IGNSamuel Claiborn9 / 10

A surprise sequel after nearly 20 years, Metroid Dread brings back the legendary exploration and progression and merges it with excellent modern combat and some of the best boss fights ever.

Metro GameCentral9 / 10

One of the best Metroid games ever made and a thrilling restatement of everything that makes the series, and the genre it inspired, great.

ShacknewsBlake Morse9 / 10

Metroid Dread is a sci-fi blast of brilliance that fans and newcomers alike will more than likely enjoy.

SpaziogamesItalian9 / 10

It took a bit longer than expected, but Metroid Dread simply is Metroid at its finest: with a smartly crafted level design that explains why this legendary saga became a reference point, this new Samus' adventure embodies all the features Metroid's fans love.

StevivorBen Salter9 / 10

Playing as Samus has never felt better, with the bounty hunter’s quick and nimble movement perfectly paired with a blend of action, speedy traversal and stealth.

TheSixthAxisStefan L9 / 10

Metroid Dread sees the galaxy's best bounty hunter return in fine form. It takes the terror of being hunted from Metroid Fusion, the more modern direction of Samus Returns, and the freedom to add to the series' decades of lore to create something that's nigh on essential for Metroid fans.

XGN.nlTheo WeberDutch9 / 10

Metroid Dread is the return of Samus we waited for almost twenty years. The closing chapter of Samus' adventure is intended to kickstart the era of the Switch OLED and it does it with a bang. The game looks delicious and plays seamlessly smooth. The game has some minor flaws but feels nearly perfect as you search the depths of ZDR and need to flee the E.M.M.I. to save your life. This is simply a must-buy for everyone that owns a Switch!

Wccftech8.8 / 10

Metroid Dread proves that the Metroid franchise is still ready to innovate the genre it helped build with exciting new ideas. While it hasn't taken on all the lessons from newcomers that have filled in since its absence, it doesn't feel like an outsider looking in.

DestructoidChris Carter8.5 / 10

Metroid Dread doesn’t take a lot of big swings, but it rarely bats a foul ball.

Nintendo BlastFarley SantosPortuguese8.5 / 10

Metroid Dread refines the franchise's 2D formula into one great game. The vast ZDR planet has an elaborate map full of alternative routes and secrets, and the agile movement make the journey very pleasant. In addition, E.M.M.I. encounters excite and terrify in tension-filled stretches. The battles are also more varied, difficult and intense, however the bosses are a bit problematic because of some questionable choices. The feeling of being alone and lost in a strange world is strong, but irregular the rhythm at times makes the experience a bit tiring. The plot is simple and has intriguing developments that are portrayed in elaborate scenes. Visually the title is competent, it just lacked a little more personality in certain locations. In the end, Metroid Dread maintains the 2D essence of the series in an immersive adventure, it's just a shame that the opportunity to dare a little was wasted.

Press StartShannon Grixti8.5 / 10

Metroid Dread feels like a celebration of 2D Metroid. It manages to stay true to the original games, whilst also introducing some new elements that keeps things feeling fresh. The game is held back by some questionable level design, the E.M.M.I feeling repetitive and a definite knowledge barrier for series newcomers.

WellPlayedKieron Verbrugge8.5 / 10

An intoxicating power climb, top-notch level design and a fear-inducing hook make this an incredibly compelling and long overdue side-scrolling Metroid sequel. It struggles with sticking too closely to the roots of its decades-old predecessors and could definitely learn a thing or two from contemporary Metroidvanias, but it's a blast all the same.

CerealkillerzGabriel BogdanGerman8.2 / 10

Metroid Dread scores with well-established strengths of the series and delivers exciting bossfights and a well thought through leveldesign. Sadly the attempts of the game to create a tense atmosphere fail most of the time and the technical limits of the Nintendo Switch hold the title back from reaching its full potential.

GameSpotSteven Petite8 / 10

More than anything else, Metroid Dread feels like going back to a place of comfort after a long time away. Though the gameplay is refined and new features have been added to the mix, Dread sticks closely to the formula of its predecessors. In the end, for longtime fans like myself, that's probably for the best.

VG247Alex Donaldson4 / 5 stars

Metroid Dread is likely to give those that have been counting down the days to its release exactly what they want: a thrilling experience in line with what they loved about past games.

Everyeye.itMarco MotturaItalian7.8 / 10

Metroid Dread is an experience that is at times deeply enjoyable yet at the same time imperfect.

Digitally DownloadedMatt Sainsbury3.5 / 5 stars

Dread is fine. It's not just nearly memorable enough for a game that fans have been waiting for so many years for now.

GamesRadar+Josh West3.5 / 5 stars

Frustrating boss battles and cumbersome controls distract from an otherwise fun and isolating adventure


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