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MGR Revengeance was just pure Hack ‘n’ Slash fun!

Before we proceed, lemme inform that everything in the post is my experience of the game and what I think of it. Would love to see your views and experiences too!!

Ahhh, where do I even start. MGR Revengeance is a Spin-off title from the Metal Gear series of which I am a huge fan of, continuing from where Guns of the Patriots left off. I played through the entire mainline canon games of the metal gear series and found out about MGR Revengeance only after I was done with the series. I saw the game on steam ans was like "Hmm, A spin off title from the MGS series not made by Kojima, and also not a stealth game!! Get outta here" and moved on.After some time having no other game to play I then eventually turned to MGR Revengeance to pass my time.

I knew instantly that I should think of this game as happening in another universe/timeline, as the ending of 4 was just perfect for me. So I dropped all my expectations(actually I had none) and went in expecting a normal fun hack and slash game to pass my time, BUT BOY WAS I WRONG!

The game pumps up to full speed in like the first 10 mins, and then proceeds to maintain that for the entirety of the game(most of the time). There is no bullshit in the game. You buy the game expecting a fun hack n slash and it is what it exactly does. And lots more.

The game's combat is phenomenal' you feel and savor each blow you land, and the slice-mechanic just boosts the adrenaline, and has tons of combos to experiment with, and then proceed to use the parry move regardless, and the parries are so fucking satisfying to pull off. But there is always the annoying camera movement. I played the entirety of the first half on K+M, and the camera control sucked ass. Not that it is better with a controller, its just manageable. For some reason it felt like the camera is pretty normal while in combat, and loses its mind outside combat. The game's combat oozes style in each encounter and Raiden's moveset is very fun to play with.

Also one of the few games where I instantly booted up a new save file with increased difficulty. The first play through is like a tutorial/Intro to the combat systems and the game is even more fun on higher difficulties as you slowly master the combat. My one minor gripe with the combat was that you can’t cancel some combos, like the heavy attack flurry Raiden does with his heels for instance.

The story, as weird, wacky and over-the-top it might be, stays true to the mainline games' style and uniqueness. The story is not as good as Kojima's, but still the game has a pretty good story with decent writing. While the story contradicts every knot 4 closed, the story stands on its own pretty good. Also there are some really great story moments, like the return of Jack the Ripper, and the entirety of the final chapter (the game story was too serious and wacky at the same time, and got out several chuckles outta me)

The best parts of the game are the antagonists, their writing and the phenomenal music. Every Boss fight is unique, memorable, well designed and asks you to change your play-style and tweak it as needed, and the Monsoon one asking you to learn to parry, the Sam one asking you to chain your combos, and such. Also every main antagonist has their unique personality and motives.

The bosses are fairly easy once you figure out their pattern and how to beat them, or figure out parrying. I beat nearly all bosses first try. All except for the last boss, fuck that bitch. When he said "Do not fuck with this Senator", he really meant it.

And finally, the music. Oh lord, the OST is just amazing. My foreskin tingled and my balls trembled with each beat. Every piece of music in the game suits what's happening in the game perfectly. And this even more perfected in the boss fights. Each boss have their own songs, with the lyrics tailored to the boss itself. At the surface when you don't pay attention, the lyrics seems like your average adrenaline inducing but idiotic lyrics, but it's not. Every song's lyrics tells the story of the boss, and very meaningfully conveys it, while you are being obliterated by them. My favorites are Monsoon and Sam's Boss music, and also my favorite boss fights in the game.

Anyway, this was my experience with the game, would to hear yours! Also would highly recommend this game to anybody who is on the fence. It is a great hack n slash(with an emphasis on slash) game that does excellently what it aims to.


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