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Minecraft is horror game!

I heard many rumors about uncomfortable feeling that many Garry's Mod players experienced when they played in singeplayer. People stated that they feel like someone is watching them. Or something terrible awaits in the map like ghosts or eldritch abominations. But, of course, there is nothing paranormal in Garry's Mod. They just experienced stange feels when they just played alone in Gmod.

But I remember how I experienced something like this when I started to play Minecraft. I was in 14-15 age. I downloaded Minecraft and started to play this game. Actually, I pirated the game and it so the game doesn't play sounds except for cavern ambient (later I fixed it manually). You know. You are playing Minecraft without any sounds, flying around and then, WHAM, you hear a terrible sounds. And I just asked parents where this sound come. That was terrible, as you know.

But after I fixed Minecraft, I still had the same feelings as Gmod players experience in singleplayer. I played only singleplayer without mods and texture packs. But I still feel uncomfortable like something awaits me and want to kill me. I played only on peaceful for long time because I'm scared to see some mobs like Ghasts and Endermen. They are freaking creepy. And I even never comed to Nether or The End dimensions because I looked at pictures in Internet and scared. I comed to The End only about when I was 18-19. And comed because I just played with some mods and suddenly teleported to The End dimension. And these freaking sounds of caves!

But even in Peaceful mode I still have feeling that someone, who want to kill me, is here. And just hiding somewhere, waiting for moment to come at me, make something creepy and kill me. Yes, even before I learned about Herobrine I had these feelings. And now I understand why this creepypasta is created. Because Minecraft in singleplayer mode somehow influence on your psyche. I only feel comfortable only on user maded adventure maps, where there are some dialogues and characters. To be honest, peaceful mode is actually creepier than playing with hostile mobs.

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Well, this is why I love to spawn some villagers or make house near their villages because I'm feeling comfortable. I love villagers. They like make atmosphere of playing more friendly and comfortable. I never touched multiplayer before I was 19 year old. The loneliness. The whole Minecraft singleplayer survival is about the loneliness. I remember how I went sad when I never found a village in one of Minecraft worlds. Especially the atmosphere of loneliness increases when you are in peaceful mode, and depressive music is played. And you're trying to survive in this cold and dangerous world alone.

Minecraft has a melancholic soundtrack created by C418. I never understand why a game with low age rating is having so strange and sometimes depressed music! Heared "Key" music? It's eerie, gives some sort of atmosphere that you appeared in a strange world maded from blocks. Or did you heared "Haggstorm"? It gives to you nostalgic feels about your wasted childhood, comfy home and good times. The "Clark" music theme is the most depressive. It's a sad piano music that gives you a feel about death. C418 stated that he somehow feel lonely and and maybe he influenced by loneliness experience in creating Minecraft soundtrack.

What we should to say about graphics? Well, despite it's like PS1 era graphics, they are nice. Many people love vanilla textures. But it also affects in eerie atmosphere. It gives an uncanny valley feel. Like you spawned in surreal world. No, you're actually in surreal world, where everything including you is maded from cubes. Where different laws of physics exists. And even the textures are cubic. The game itself doesn't have shaders. No dynamic shadows. No special effects. Nothing. You can look at sun. It's not bright and shining. Sure, the world is lightened, but the game is still feeling so uncanny. And caves are so dark that they are feeling more creepy. Like Herobrine awaits in this cave and want to jump from here to you. I even always equipped with sword in creative mode in case if I will met him.

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So, because of strange graphics, I installed some texture packs that gives the game a "bright" feel. I don't cared about resolution. Even bright pixel-art somehow makes the game's atmosphere more comfortable. And then I installed shaderpacks. And so the game becomed more brighter and warm. The warm feeling. I remember how I felt comfortable when I entered a user-maded world, sitting in tropical beach, turned some colorful texture packs and shaders, and just enjoy the time.

And this is why I turned off music and ambient sounds. And I feel more better with that. I'm lucky that my GTX 650 (now I have GTX 1060 6 GB) can handle far drawing distance. Because fog also makes the game's atmosphere more creepy! You know that fog in Silent Hill appeared because the game can't handle such detailed graphics. But now it becomed one of key elements in creating of horrors! The fog! And this is why in Minecraft creepypastas Herobrine appears in Fog.

And now I understand why there are so many creepypastas about Minecraft. The famous Herobrine is nothing but the personification of all the feelings that we experience from the game. He doesn't exists, but we believe in him because Minecraft had so eerie atmosphere when you are playing. Moody textures, fog, melancholic music, loneliness, surreal surrounding… Herobrine, like Greek gods, is personification of immaterial forces that we can't explain. I mean Zeus don't exists, but greeks believes in his existence because they don't know how lightings appears. And this is how we created gods. We want to believe in personificational characters because we don't understand how it works. But we experience this!

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I never though that Minecraft could be so creepy game. High quality horror games tries to scare players not with cheap jumpscares, but with atmosphere that something is wrong. You can add body horror enemies into FPS, but you would'nt be scared because you easily kill them. And this is why Silent Hill game is so scary. It works in atmosphere thing! And Minecraft suddenly does this!


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