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Minecraft VR review from someone who has never played Minecraft

Content of the article: "Minecraft VR review from someone who has never played Minecraft"

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Before buying Minecraft last week, I was looking for VR reviews that also told me about the game, but most were of the “we all know what Minecraft is” ilk and didn’t give me much info. Knowing how daunting Minecraft can seem, I thought I’d give some early impressions from my first 10 hours of gameplay for those on the fence.

I do not consider myself visually creative. I was not the kid making the sick ass LEGO builds from scratch and I’m not excited by world building games like sims or Civ. I am happy to report that even if you aren’t “creative”, Minecraft allows you to make structures as simple or complex as you want. I wouldn’t be excited to make a big house in a flat game, but the sense of scale and being in your creation in Minecraft is very satisfying.

In terms of accessibility, the devs have done a great job making crafting and the menus very accessible. As comparison, I recently played Fallout 4 for the first time and spent a few hours watching videos on game mechanics to feel comfortable before I played. By comparison, I watched 20 min of Minecraft tutorial videos and felt like I had a sense of my initial goals and ones I wanted to build towards.

Apart from building, going out into the world and adventuring is fantastic in VR. Going underground in the headset really creates a sense of tension and at times genuine claustrophobia. Fighting and enemies are relatively simple, but the different types of enemies (mobs) can make encounters exciting when they attack in a group. Also, it is very neat to physically look off in the distance and just see something you want to explore. There is a large, temple-like structure near my house that I can’t wait to explore today.

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And all of this is without me making it to the nether, crafting armor, using a boat, farming, etc. There are also tons of additional content packs in the Minecraft store with their own unique twists (I saw one yesterday that was ninja-based).

Tl;dr Even if you don’t normally enjoy “building” or “creation” games, Minecraft does a wonderful job of making a complex series of systems accessible and fun by creating a series of varied and enjoyable gameplay loops that complement each other well. Your gameplay depends on your goals, and VR makes building satisfying by giving you a new way to interact with your creations (actually being in them!) Especially considering you can find it for between 20/30 USD


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