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MLB The Show 21 – Review Thread

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Game Title: MLB The Show 21


  • Xbox One (Apr 16, 2021)
  • Xbox Series X/S (Apr 16, 2021)
  • PlayStation 5 (Apr 16, 2021)
  • PlayStation 4 (Apr 16, 2021)


Developer: San Diego Studio

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 79 average – 81% recommended – 33 reviews

Critic Reviews

AtomixRodolfo LeónSpanish80 / 100

MLB The Show 21 is another solid entry in the franchise, but some technical problems and little to none innovations make it one of the weakest in the whole series.

Attack of the FanboyDean James4 / 5 stars

Being the most consistent annual sports franchise out there, MLB The Show manages to overcome the loss of a few key features to give players yet another reason to step right back into the batter's box in MLB The Show 21.

CGMagazineDayna Eileen7.5 / 10

MLB The Show 21 is not an easy game to get the hang of by any means, but it manages to make the experience a good one whether you’re winning or losing.

COGconnectedRhett Waselenchuk83 / 100

Take me out to the ball game and leave me in the nosebleeds. I’m never coming back. MLB The Show 21 is a tremendous homage to a sport so many love. I know the Road to the Show regression will drive people crazy, and the bugs do continue to somewhat hinder my enjoyment. But this is all fixable stuff. What lies underneath is a beautiful simulation of baseball. Isn’t that what we came for?

Checkpoint GamingSam Harkin8 / 10

As is the case with many annual sequels, MLB The Show 21 is an iteration and improvement over its predecessor. Having said that, if you bought The Show 20, I personally can’t see enough of a change to justify getting 21 in my opinion. There are improvements to the game modes that deserve praise, though I don’t know if it will keep me on the hook for a very long time. Having said that, both titles share some fantastic elements, such as the impressive depth of mechanical customisation, which by itself carries the game into high regard.

Digital ChumpsNathaniel Stevens8 / 10

MLB The Show 21 might not excel in vastly improving its overall package, but the smaller upgrades you do get make this game just as entertaining as it was last year. Next year will have higher expectations to meet.

Echo Boomer – Diogo dos Santos – PortugueseLiked-a-lot

MLB The Show 21 does a good job trying to teach the basics for those unaware with the sport, even with all the complex and saturated gameplay.

ForbesBrian Mazique7 / 10

MLB The Show 21 is still loads of fun to play. Franchise is slightly improved, Diamond Dynasty continues to be strong, and Stadium Creator is even better than expected. However, there are areas of the game that don’t feel like an actual next-gen experience, and we’re still missing features that other sports games have had for years.

Game InformerAndrew Reiner8.5 / 10

Even without many new features, The Show impresses with its play and wealth of content. There's something for everyone

GameSkinnyMark Delaney8 / 10 stars

MLB The Show is now multiplatform, so more players can see what makes it one of the best annual sports sims in the world.

GameSpotRichard Wakeling7 / 10

MLB The Show 21 maintains the series' continued excellence on the diamond, but missing features and uneven additions hold it back.

GameblogOlivier CortinovisFrench8 / 10

Now available on Xbox, MLB The Show is still a fantastic way to discover and play baseball. This entry is still a very immersive experience, with a lot of things to do. And crossplatform is a great feature.

GamerheadquartersJason Stettner8 / 10

MLB The Show 21 is another great entry in the series, expanding the platforms while also heading into the next generation.

GamesRadar+Matt Paprocki4 / 5 stars

A solid home-run hitter, but not the baseball revolution we were hoping for on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

GamingBoltAlec Benner8 / 10

MLB The Show 21 does exactly what a sports sequel needs to do; it refines and expands on the best features of the predecessor, without taking away from what works.

GfinityRicky Frech4 / 5 stars

MLB The Show 21 doesn’t quite knock this one out of the park. Instead, it’s one of the most well-hit doubles I’ve ever seen. The foundation San Diego Studios has cultivated over the years has allowed them to almost seamlessly transfer over to the next-gen and has me excited to see where the series goes from here.

Hardcore GamerCory Wells4.5 / 5

San Diego Studios continue to try and improve an annual product that already has a fantastic core with MLB The Show 21.

IGNGabriel Moss8 / 10

MLB The Show 21 isn't the generational leap forward we might've expected following a new console launch, but it's still the best baseball sim you can play on any platform.

ImpulsegamerPaul Stuart4.1 / 5

MLB The Show 21 on the PS5 doesn't break what works…and with a new mode, pitching interface, cross-play, also improved load times and framerates. While it doesn't specifically highlight the new console, it again plays a strong game of baseball.

Operation SportsKevin ScottUnscored

MLB The Show 21 is still sure to satisfy most baseball fans in at least one way, and I still believe it's enjoyable enough to to win over some new fans at a time when baseball could definitely use them. But when you're the "can't miss" prospect, expectations are always high, and The Show does not always live up to those expectations this year.

PSX BrasilThiago de Alencar MouraPortuguese – 90 / 100

MLB The Show 21 manages to bring with tremendous success the best sports simulator of the last generation to the PS5, using the power of the new console to deliver an almost flawless and mandatory experience for every baseball fan. The lack of big news draws attention, but it is not enough to affect what the game does best: simulate the sport.

PlayStation UniverseNeil Bolt8 / 10

Not so much a true next-gen leap for MLB, but a cautious set of baby steps towards it. The presentation and gameplay remain strong, and the ability to be a two-way player in Road to the Show has freshened that mode up and made it more enjoyable than ever. MLB The Show 21 is another reliable entry in a strong sporting franchise, but it definitely needs a bit of a shakeup next time out.

Pure XboxFraser Gilbert8 / 10

It's a fantastic year to be getting MLB The Show 21 on Xbox. There's a welcome 'Casual' preset for beginners, the gameplay is more enjoyable than ever, and newcomers will likely be overwhelmed (in a good way) at the sheer amount of content at their disposal. Road to the Show's new Ballplayer integration won't satisfy everyone, and needs a few tweaks, but it's nevertheless still a highly enjoyable mode to play, and the likes of Diamond Dynasty and March to October are excellent options as well. We've been waiting a long time to experience The Show for ourselves on Xbox, and it's amazing to finally be stepping up to the plate with MLB The Show 21 on Xbox Game Pass.

Push SquareSammy Barker7 / 10

MLB The Show 21 swings-and-misses in a few areas, with the well-intentioned Ballplayer system diminishing Road to the Show. Despite being stingier, though, Diamond Dynasty is still the best card collecting mode available, and the series' tried and trusted gameplay has been further enhanced with the addition of Pinpoint Pitching and new fielding animations. Sony San Diego hasn't quite hit a home run this year, but this is a strong lead-off double for baseball on PS5.

Saudi GamerArabic7 / 10

A fun baseball game that welcomes new and old players alike, and its most notable drawback is that the graphical improvements to the new generation did not live up to expectations.

Screen RantCade Onder3.5 / 5 stars

MLB The Show 21 is yet another solid entry in Sony's now multi-platform sports franchise. The consistent tweaks to how the game functions and its quality-of-life improvements each year have helped create a balanced, solid foundation for each iteration to improve on. Even though MLB The Show 21 lacks in delivering a truly engrossing current-gen experience on the new consoles in some ways and has a few typical sports franchise pitfalls, it's still an enjoyable game that has a high degree of craftsmanship.

ShacknewsChris Jarrard8 / 10

AAA-quality baseball is now available to all console owners (please Sony remember the PC in 2022) and the sun is shining on virtual big leaguers who are down for crossplay. MLB The Show 21 is once again an incremental step, but still an important one for the series moving forward.

TrueGamingمحمد البسيميArabic8 / 10

MLB The Show proves once again that it's one of the best sport simulation out there.

TwinfiniteEd McGlone4 / 5

So while we wait for things like actual new-generation visuals, the return of Online Franchise, and other oft-requested features, appreciate the effort that went into making MLB The Show 21 cross-platform with seamless cross-play, the new stadium creator, and tweaks that went into making your favorite game mode a bit more enjoyable.

WccftechNathan Birch7.5 / 10

While MLB The Show 21 is another solid entry in the series, the pitch to Xbox newcomers and those looking for a next-gen experience isn't as strong as it could have been. Pitching, fielding, and existing modes get some welcome adjustments, but truly significant additions are thin on the ground and the series' presentation is stuck in its tracks. Hardcore hardball fans and Xbox owners who haven't experienced MLB The Show before should have a good time, but this franchise may be in need of a rebuilding phase within the next year or two.

We Got This CoveredJon Hueber4 / 5 stars

MLB The Show 21 makes the leap to a new console generation and ushers in a game-wide refresh that has the storied franchise feeling new.

XboxEraJustin O'Brien6.5 / 10

Outside of the gameplay itself, the game feels like a sometimes-ugly, disorganized collection of menus that wants you to pay extra money to really enjoy the most engaging content without falling victim to an endless grind.


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