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MMORPG communities these days are too sanitized

Content of the article: "MMORPG communities these days are too sanitized"

The great thing about MMORPGs is the worlds they create, the good guys, the bad guys, the communities. These games used to create such emotions, whether it was anger, love or laughter. These days you get almost none of these things, we are afraid to talk to people in the game as much as we are in real life. There is no escapism at all. They went from the wild wild west of a living breathing virtual world to a college campus with people on every corner telling you to watch your behavior.

These days games are so sanitized, people complain endlessly about "toxic" people all the time and want the companies to police them so everyone plays nice and people are afraid to be mean in any way. Why do people want this? This is why most modern games are so boring and why people complain so much about content, because the games are moving away from what made them so intriguing and now are just about that theme park rides.

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10-15 years ago when we logged into games we had annoying people, we have thieves, we had people willing to scam you out of your gold, we had ridiculous drama, we had creepers, we had fun and it was exciting with the virtual unrestricted crazyness of it all. Now, games are just so sanitized it's not fun anymore because people treat nonsense in the game as if it's real life.

When you think back to the most fun or most memorable moments you had in a game was it the content you remember, or the people, the drama, the crazyness?

I miss being able to login to a world and not know what you were going to come across, some meanie trying to kill you all the time when you were leveling, someone trying to harass you while you were trying to finish the lame boring quests by taking all your mobs, some weirdo hitting on you because they liked your female characters armor, some crazy drama in world chat. You never get anything like this these days, it's all so tame and boring. All so predictable, you login to do your quests adn then logout without anything out of the ordinary happening at all.

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The thing we all loved about old mmorpgs wasn't the games, it wasn't the content at all and this is why going back to play "classic" or an old game doesn't give you the same joy it used to. It was the unrestricted human interactions that were possible but no longer are.


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