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MMO’s in general are too self leveling, self gain focused (The world is fine without you)

Content of the article: "MMO’s in general are too self leveling, self gain focused (The world is fine without you)"

Almost all of what you can do is for leveling up, getting better gear. Now you are already max level, optimized gear and you clear the "endgame content", and then wait for a new expansion pack to expand the "endgame" or you can create a new character in the meantime to create another "endgame" character. The problem is that "the world is fine without you", the devs can stack as much lore as they want to the game but none of that matters if the players can't influence it and make it change direction. Everything in the world has permanence, and nothing threatens the existence of the characters you make or the cities that exist. No time limit to run against, no state of emergency, no sense of world gain and loss. It's impossible to have an attachment to something that is immortalized, nothing needs the player's protection. On the opposite, for the players that want destruction, there is nothing in the world that can be truly destroyed and this creates boredom for such players. Character permadeath don't have to exist, maybe punishing the player by having a "revive time" that lasts a full day, causing the player to miss out on the world gain and loss. Cause if revive time doesn't exist then players can run suicide attacks against each other and casualties don't exist resulting in stalemates. MMO's with character permadeaths, I have never played them before but I think the reason why they lack a healthy playerbase is because they lack pvp protection, they are too "wild west" and "lawless". There should be two npc factions that players can join receiving pvp protection from the faction joined but you will get taxed. Also an option to create your own faction and get pvp protection from each other. If you do kick out your member, they will lose pvp protection instantly. This creates fear among your members in that they shouldn't upset you.

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