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Modern FPS multiplayer games are so exhausting!

Honestly, I find modern FPS multiplayer games to be too much of a complete grind. I could honest to God write a PhD dissertation on this, but I'll instead try to boil things down into bullet points to prevent as much rambling as possible. I just want to respect your time as much as possible — I'm not exactly the brightest tool in the shed.

  • They're fucking filled up the ass and down the pisser with micro-transactions. Tokens, battle passes, in-game reward points, loot boxes, trading cards, tradable/can-only-buy cosmetics, etc. Just so much convoluted bullshit to fuck your wallet sideways and give vampire cunts like Bobby Kotick annual quarter million dollar compensation packages during pandemics (NO, I'M NOT MAKING THIS SHIT UP). Fuck. This.
  • Developers are constantly "tweaking" and re-balancing the games, often in fundamental ways that completely skull-fucks the game and kills the minute gameplay. One recent high-profile and infamous example is Battlefield V's series of unwanted TTK patches. There's always some new patch that creates a new overpowered weapon or gameplay style. It's no coincidence that developers can patch trivial XP or in-game reward exploits the day they are discovered yet there's constantly a new broken and overpowered weapon that doesn't get patched for months: they do this to artificially drive engagement with streamers and the dipshits who watch them.
  • Shoe horned progression challenges for unlockables, usually with entirely broken tracking of course. Often the challenges are completely nonsensical and downright sadistic, an infamous example would be DLC weapons from recent games in the Battlefield franchise.
  • On that note, it now seems to take much longer to level up and this is mostly obviously done to promote microtransactions. It takes far longer to gain levels in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War than franchise tiles from the golden era of the PS3/Xbox 360 years. Additionally, there's always some daily gimmick aka "challenge" you're supposed to do to speed this up, but often the requirements are downright tedious and asinine (e.g. get five head shots in a single match with a plastic spoon while giving Alec Baldwin a rimjob on a runaway stagecoach in Siberia).
  • Absurdly aggressive "skill-based matchmaking" that only belongs in ranked playlists yet is employed in even casual game modes. Basically only the bottom 20% of players benefit from this. Gone are the days of using "fun guns" and experimenting with different "non-viable" playstyles: now if you're not slurping on nuts of the meta you're probably fucked. Lobbies are no a longer a varied and mixed motley crew of skill sets that added to the dynamism of the gameplay: now everyone is more or less the same. Not only does this kind of matchmaking reduce the overall fun, it's absurdly easy to exploit and smurf. People who don't actually play these games keep whining about how we only want this reverted to pub stomp, yet they gloss over how literally 99% players were also on the receiving end of being absolutely smashed down at one point or another. Furthermore, some games simply are not designed to be "competitive". SSBM belongs in titles specifically design around competitive gameplay, certainly not casual Call of Duty playlists. Detractors to this sentiment will also maliciously ignore that unskilled players can also protect themselves in ranked playlists, which by definition are designed to keep everyone at the same level.
  • It's pretty common for the games to release in completely broken states, so you end up having to keep tabs on the forums or Reddit just to know when it's actually worth playing the damn game.
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