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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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(SPOILERS for monsters in this wall of text)

Everything below is purely my opinion and nothing else.

So I'm pretty new to the Monster Hunter series, I've heard about it but never actually touched it or even looked at any gameplay. The ONLY reason I decided to give it a try is because my friends who have been playing the series for a while kept recommending it and I really like coop games with friends (non-pvp).

Let me start off by saying I absolutely HATE hard games and love lore/story part of games., I will turn a game down to easy mode just to play through the story. While I appreciate what games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne does/do, they're just not for me.

Hours 0-10: Spent time dabbling in different weapons (mostly in the training room), trying to figure out what I wanted to play. Lots of ignorance on my part here.

  • SnS: ehhhhh, seems too simple, I think I can do better than that.
  • Insect Glaive: my friend already plays this so I'll try something else.
  • Long Sword: my other friend uses this so I'll try something else.
  • Lance/Gunlance: So all you do is stand there and poke? Seems unfun, no thanks.
  • LBG/HBG: WHY would I want to shoot at monsters in a game like this, this isn't call of duty.
  • Greatsword: Wayyyy too slow for me, how would I even land hits?
  • Hunting Horn: Wayyyy too complicated for me, let's try something else.
  • Hammer: What? There's only triangle–>triangle–>triangle, or circle–>circle–>circle? Seems boring, NEXT.
  • Switch Axe: Too slow and clunky, no thanks.
  • Bow: Hmm maybe, seems interesting but let's see what else is there.
  • Dual Blades: ehhhh, also seems too simple, I can do better.
  • Charge Blade: There's two modes? And I have to manage a "meter"? And I do big damage? And I can block? HELL YEA.

Hours 10-80: Looking back, choosing the charge blade as a first weapon was a big mistake. As a beginner to the series, I had no idea what I was doing, the charge blade was insanely complicated for me to handle while trying to fight big ass monsters and not get hit. I was looking for reasons to quit, but I wanted to "get my moneys worth" aka beat Iceborne and be done with it. The whole 80 hours felt like a slog to get through, and it was still insanely hard for me. The only fight I did solo (besides the one they force you to do) was Seething Bazelgeuse, and it took me 3 tries, and it still took me like 45 minutes. I was not having a good time, but I liked playing with friends so I stuck with it. I found the game too hard and there was just so much information to take in (which I think Capcom does a pretty bad job of teaching you things).

  • Upgrade armor? But I barely have any pieces to make one, what if I need it later.
  • Traps? What's that? I ran out, how do I make more?
  • Fertilize? fertilize what?
  • Argosy? WTF
  • What do you mean charge blade guard point? You mean block?
  • Why does my characters armor and weapon look so ugly and basic, how do I change it?
  • Tranq bombs can end a fight easily? Cut scene to me spamming tranq bombs on a monster in the beginning of a fight
  • SOS? Do I really need to do that? (I didn't use this feature until much later in the game)
  • etc.
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Hours 80-110: IDK wtf happened here, I still held onto the thought that I was going to quit after I beat Iceborne, but I think this was the turning point, around this time I got to the furious Rajang fight, and me and my friends kept getting fucked. I was still using charge blade and NOT having a good time. I made the switch to dual blades and holy shit, everything just sort of….clicked. I was dancing circles around this guy, getting hits in, dodging all his attacks, I was having FUN. Few hours later, I discovered the DB spinning air attack, and I fell in love. Every fight I was looking for a slope, or trying to bait the monster to a slope.

Hours 110-300: We had level 1 armor, pre-kulve weapons/armor, and decided to try to give safi a shot. Got our asses kicked and didn't go back till much later. Here we went to the guiding lands to do the end game grind, The thought of quitting just kind of left my head, not sure how or when. I wanted to participate in the end-game fights at least once before I was "done". The guiding lands were a meh experience. I get what they were trying to do, but if I didn't have friends to do it with I probably wouldn't have done it. There's just no way I was going to level 3 regions to level 7 and then bring the levels down to get diff parts at diff regions, etc. Luckily I had friends to play with, so we leveled up different regions to level 7 and just hopped back and forth depending on what parts we needed. I hopped back and forth between the dual blades and charge blade, and was having fun with both (also helps that I started looking up guides/videos to see how to properly play the weapon).

Hours 300-380: This is about the time Alatreon came out, but we didn't fight him during release. We focused on trying to down Safi and KT with our upgraded armor and weapons (FINALLY). There was a lot of farming on my part for the kjarr dual blades + trying to get the LBG aquashot so I could try a new weapon. Mixed it with a lot of event quests to collect gems, tickets, layered armor, etc. Just kind of a chill experience and it was fun learning the fights. Started using LBG a good amount here.

Hours 380-400: Fighting Alatreon mainly, not a big fan of the elemental DPS checks and his constant flying, but once I got used to it, it wasn't a big deal. I basically fought him enough to make his armor and the DB and that was it.

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Hours 400-430: First Fatalis successful hunt. So I know I was looking forward to this fight, but I didn't realize how much fun it would be. Before I explain, let me just say I still think some of his hitboxes are bullshit. When I say fun, I mean figuring out the fight with my duo, getting further and further each run. Coming back to the MH subreddits and seeing people give each other advice, talk about the fight, share their frustrations, etc, it just felt very….nice. After every few fights, we were changing up our builds slightly, talking about tactics, and our plan, coordinating our wall slams, it was great even though we died constantly, I was having fun. When you pull that dragonator, and the music starts playing, holy shit, I got fuckin chills. It was a very memorable moment for me. It took literally like 30-40 tries give or take, but I was having fun doing it. It was a great way to "end" Iceborne imo.

Hours 430-470: More and more fatalis hunts with my duo and with randos. Went from barely beating it to beating it consistently now, obviously the Fatalis armor and weap helps too. It's stupid OP but I love it.

Hours 470-500: Going back to help struggling hunters, I usually check low rank and high rank and see what monsters they're fighting + what weapons they're using, and try to figure out if they might be having trouble. I've been lucky with my evil eyes, and able to craft a bunch of new weapons which I've been using to learn. Trying to give every weapon a fair shot. Some click better than others but I won't get into it too much. I WILL say that the lance is alot less boring than I thought. I LOVE charging at enemies especially when they're fleeing. CHOO CHOO motherfucker, I'm coming for that booty.

Hours 500+: Spending a lot more time than I should making layered armor sets for each weapon type, and trying to get something aesthetically pleasing. I refuse to put layered armor on the fatalis weapons because I'm shallow and I want to show them off. Been answering SOS's with new weapons. What's next? Trying more weapons and collecting layered armor to make some custom looks.


  • Cons:

    • VERY hard to get into for a beginner, I'm lucky I had friends to help explain things
    • LOTS of information to take in that capcom doesn't do a great job of explaining imo
    • Disconnects happen more than I'd like.
    • RNG can be a bitch when it comes to weapons/jewels.
    • Story sucks. But you don't play this game for the story.
  • Pros:

    • COOP experience is top notch ESPECIALLY with friends, randos are cool too.
    • Every weapon is unique, my original thoughts were ignorant and I'm looking forward to trying others.
    • There is so much to learn about each weapon, I'm still learning things for the DB and CB (yes I suck).
    • Every monster is unique, and it's fun learning the fights.
    • Art (atmoshere, music, environment, monsters, etc) are fantastic.
    • Beating a monster that's been fucking you up feels really really good. Nothing changed except you got better.
  • Special Shoutout:

    • The hunter who joins almost ALL my behemoth quests even though they're posted on different days and carries me. IDK why you love that fight so much but thanks.
    • The hunter who I always meet in a bunch of event quests, IDK why I run into you so much but you're cool.
  • Favorite fight(s) = furious Rajang/Fatalis

  • Favorite weapons ranked (out of the ones I've played so far) = DB, CB, SnS, IG, Lance, LS, LBG, SA

  • Tips for other newcomers:

    • Take some time to research the weapons before you commit, it's pretty easy to change later, but imo I think it'll make or break the experience. Arekkz Gaming has some good videos on youtube on each weapon.
    • If you don't like it right away, give it time. It helps to have friends to play with.
    • There are alot of resources out there on MH that'll explain things more thoroughly than the in-game guides.
    • Personally for me, if my character isn't aesthetically pleasing, it's hard to play a game, but know that layered armor (transmog) is a thing later on.
    • Use health boost 3
  • I won't be getting Rise, but I am looking forward to the next World or whatever it'll be called.

  • I def got my moneys worth, and the series has gained a long time fan.

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Rating 9/10


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