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Moonlighter steam key giveaway

Content of the article: "Moonlighter steam key giveaway"

The raffle is closed, but I will only change the posts' flair to closed once the rest of it is done (look at the update!)

I have a steam key of one of my favorite games, Moonlighter!

Reply with the two objects closest to you on your left and right. That's all ya need to do. In 24 hours (11:00 CST) I will randomly select five of you. I'll ping the five at that point, and further instructions will be given then! There will be a certain test of both skill and luck…

Key can only be used in the US.


According to redditraffler, our winners are:

u/beeaste: on their left is a water bottle and on their right is their mobile device.

u/cruiser_moon: on their left is their PC and on their right is their school bag that they want to forget (I feel you).

u/Dan-of-Dys: on their left is a wall with memories of them and their friends, and to their right is a messy desk.

u/Dpmon1: On their left is a pair of skis (first time using them), and on their right is a quesadilla.

u/edesmile: On their left is a pillow, and on their right is a remote.

(I assigned sides for those who didn't specify)

These objects have suddenly become bolted to the contestants' respective hands, and they have been teleported to a dense forest where they will fight to the death! The area will shrink over the course of three days until it all disappears. Assume there are a few water and food sources, but they are quite scarce.

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How this is gonna work:

Each person will PM me a response as to how they will win against the others. Keep in mind that the objects attached to yours and your opponents' hands are key! This is all fun and games, so you don't need to send me an essay or anything. In the end, I will paste all five of the PMs here at around 11:00 PM CST, and I'll also choose who the winner is based off of how well the argument is presented. Of course, each of you will have advantages and disadvantages depending on what objects are bolted to your hands, but creativity is also very important. Fleshing your argument out a lot will help, but don't feel pressured to meet a quota in how specific you want to get. I will judge with plausibility and creativity in mind! The deadline is 10:30 PM CST tomorrow.

Please PM any questions. If any come, I'll also paste them here as well as my response.

As for how attached these items are, they can never fully come off, but they can break. If you have a really hard item to break (like a wall…heheh…) and want to utilize this in your response, describe how you're going to plausibly end up breaking the thing. Remember that you have to maneuver around with it too. Also, it'd probably be fun to think about how you can utilize the broken off parts.

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Also, assume everyone is the same physically. Not super duper athletic. Don't focus on this too much.


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