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Most hardcore PVP MMO you’ve ever played: Tell your PERSONAL experience.

Content of the article: "Most hardcore PVP MMO you’ve ever played: Tell your PERSONAL experience."

Back in 2004, I played a game called Conquer Online. At lvl 1 after getting out of my first city– twin city, I was already dying. However it wasn't from mobs but from other players.

In this game, you can attack anyone even inside a city. And when you die, you drop most of your items inside your bag. One exception is a market area so sellers don't have to fear dying while selling. Note: Sellers have to afk their toons to a seller spot in order to sell items.

When you attack players, your name blink for a period of time (Names are visible above characters) and blinking names can be attacked without penalty. Also, you accumulate player kill points. Your player kill points decrease overtime when logged in.

With enough player kill points, your name turns red. If you massacred a lot of players, your name turns black. Black names can be attacked without penalty. If you die with a black name, you get teleported to jail–dropping some of your gears equipped and items in your bag for the killers to loot. And top gears are not easy in this game–the highest end gears can cost up to $1000 U.S.D. + You need to payor wait till your player kill points degrade to red to get out of jail.

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In this game, it is easy to kill someone if you caught them off guard. For example, even a lvl 70 trojan can jump a lvl 100 archer if he catches him off guard. And a lot of activity like mining are AFK style. As a result, you develop real rivalry and nemesis against other players over time. Sort of lust for revenge.

So player killing is as common as killing mobs. And in all my MMOS I've played, nothing matched its guild rivalry in terms of how personal it is. It is common for guilds to have bad blood against other guilds where it is kill-on-sight. And you develop personal grudges against players as you one-up each other. So it's rare to flip sides because you don't want to be in the same guild as the players who gave you a hard time.

To make it worse, it is a small world. It is common to meet rivals within leveling zones and it is rare to log in without being hunted by a rival guild. And the strongest class can one shot even themselves. However, one shot skills requires manual aiming so even if it's a 5 v 1–If 1 is good at aiming, he can kill 5 other players with similar levels, class and equipment. Unlike other MMO, you're not winning getting gang banged 5 v 1 with similar levels, equipment and class.

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What surprising about this game is how social it is. In forum, players will post their real life pictures and also their campaign of getting players banned for botting/cheating. So the bad blood extends to forums.

NOTE: This is a personal opinion base on 2004-2006 gameplay experience. Game is likely dead now has MMO has become mainstreamed.

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