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My 2020 game list

Content of the article: "My 2020 game list"

Repost as it was removed for mentioning some recently released games. Took them out of the list

Games I loved and will never forget:

Hollow Knight: I'm still not done with this game, I still have many side quests to do (mainly the coliseum of fools and the Godmaster bosses. But the 70 hours of gameplay that I've already done have been amazing. I had such a great time. The only time I was suffering more than enjoying it was trying to beat the last section of Path of Pain but the feeling of success afterwards was worth it. Loved playing this game, loved discovering the three endings, loved the soundtrack, the artstyle, the controls feel great, everything in this game is a 10/10.

Danganronpa 2 and Danganronpa V3: Not only one of my favorite games but one of my favorite stories in fiction period. This is a visual novel-game so don't expect amazing gameplay, but expect incredible soundtradk (specially V3), an amazing cast of characters, lot of amazing murder misteries and so many great things. When I first finished V3 I thought I didn't like it, but, boy was I wrong. I just love it so much right now. The characters are so dear to me. I was so involved and sucked in during the trials that I didn't care about anything else in my life. The first DR was just great for me, but DR2 and DRV3 are amazing despite their flaws (looking at you Case 2-3).

Games I really liked:

Celeste: I beat the main levels. I climbed the mountain. And even if at first I was not enjoying it (I discovered that to enjoy this game I needed a controller and not the keyboard) but when I started getting into it, it was so much fun til the end. The ending sequence was so sweet and warmed my heart. Some levels were annoying as f*ck and I don't want to play them never again as I got so mad but overall a great experience. Will not be trying to beat B sides or collect strawberries or whatever, I'm satisfied with beating the main quest.

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GTA V: When Epic Games released it for free I went for it. And I had such a great time. I didn't play as I did in San Andreas when I was a kid (running around, using cheat codes, destroying the city), this time I focused on the main story. Now, sure, the story is as generic as it gets on an action movie but I didn't matter to me. It was so fun following it. The three main characters were so entertaining and fun to see intercating. I got the action intensity that I wanted and left me wanting more once I was done with the story. On the negative side, the ending was… underwhelming. All of them.

Brawl Stars: We all know the meme of mobile gaming but I genuinly enjoy this game. You get the excitment of a MOBA without the extreme complexity that these type of games usually have. Plus I started playing on its global release so I got the chance to see each new mechaninc being added. It's also great cause I can play 2 quick matches or I can stay playing for hours, pushing trophies, trying to get all my brawlers to 550 so I get the rewards. Supercell made some amazing updates on this game this year giving the players so much content.

Your Turn To Die: I love how it clearly gets inspired by Danganronpa, but doesn't feel like a copy at all. The plot, the characters, even the gameplay feel fresh yet somewhat similar and I love it. I didn't like the artstlye at first but now I love it. It's amazing to see a game where some of your decisions actually impact who dies. Whether this game will be forever memorable to me will depend on the new chapters yet to be released.

Games that were fun, but that's pretty much it:

Osu!: I really like Osu!. It's that type of game you can always rely on to have some fun. It can get addictive as well. You can play a simple beatmap to enjoy yourself or challlenge yourself with a hard one. I discovered many songs because of this game as well. The multiplayer is also nice. It's a very fun game but I don't think about it too much.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses: I don't have a Switch so I only played like a dozen of hours, maybe less, on a friend's house during Christmas. I can't keep playing it anymore. It's a shame cause I feel it could have been higher if I actually played the whole thing, but this is what it gets with what I played.

…. Huh?:

Firewatch: I made a post about this game some months ago as to why I don't like it. The ending was so… okay I guess. I can't even say that it was bad cause it was so disappointed that I don't even care about this game. To be honest, if it wasn't because I spent some time answering the comments on my post about this game, I would have probably forgotten that I played it. A "whatever" experience.

The ones I barely touched: As I installed them, played like an hour or less and left them.

Borderlands 2: Got bored

Dead Cells: Did not understand a thing and got bored by going all the way back to the beggining each time I died. I don't really have the patience for this game.

The Escapist 2: I really like the concept but I was just not intrested to be honest. Maybe if I played multiplayer with a friend.

League of Legends: When played with friends is very entertaining, we played every once in a while but that's it. Also, don't have the energy to learn everything on this game.

Hitman: This was my mistake. I assumed it was going to be like GTA V but then ended up being an entirely different type of game, so I was disappointed. The game is good, but me giving myself false expectations made me lose interest.


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