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My 2020 Gaming experience

Content of the article: "My 2020 Gaming experience"

So quarantine played a big role in my gaming experience, I had more time to play though less money to buy but I worked around that, so here is my list of games I played this year and a quick review ( you can call it a verdict )

BLOODBORNE: My entry to the Souls genre, I heard a lot of horror stories about it. When I started a PS Now free trial, I found Bloodborne so I decided to give it a try, got stuck on central Yharnam after I finally understood how to equip my weapons, and then got my butt kicked by the first boss over and over until I slaughtered my prey at last and I knew that was already hooked. Definitely a must buy, and don't forget the DLC

CRASH BANDICOOT N'SANE TRILOGY: I don't have much to say honestly, it is the same game you probably played as a child, still as charming, funny and sometimes hard it made me cry especially those relics, they destroyed my platinum trophy dream but still a really fun game.

GOD OF WAR: The first thing that came to mind when schools were closed is '' Great now I can buy a game! '' I did, and God Of War was chosen, I can say it was one of the best decisions I made, I played the previous games so I was sad they changed the game by changing the combat, I was scared but it proved me wrong, Great touching story, I love father- son relation stories so it was special, it is also beautiful, FYI the whole game is just a one shot, no honest loading screens except when you die. I only platinum games I love and I platinumed God Of War.

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PERSONA 5: Now one of my favourite games of all time, it is a story that anyone can get hooked on though don't try to explain it to anyone, till this date I can't explain the plot to anyone even though I understand it, anyways, it is a turn based games, I explained the combat to my friend by saying it's Yu Gi OH but better. You have a plethora of characters that you will like and get attached to, there is even a love system. The game is so stylistic, even the Pause menu is mesmerizing, but I didn't buy the Royal version but I sure will buy it soon.

HOLLOW KNIGHT: Just buy it, I won't say much just buy it but make sure to go in blind; trust me it makes it better, worth noting that you can buy the game and all the DLC for just 15 Dollars.

DARK SOULS II: the final game of 2020 I bought it alongside Hollow Knight while it was for 9 Dollars making the entire purchase 25 dollars, I knew a lot of people hate it but I wanted to play the entire series so I bought and wished for the best, and……. It was great, maybe not a good Souls game but still a good game, the bosses are kinda meh, the areas are mostly cool, good lore and great mechanics, and don't forget the challenge I'm still playing it right now on my third playthrough trying a sorcery build. But beware, Souls games are expensive but they go on sale often, usually dropping below 20 bucks so it would be nice to wait for the next sale.

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And that's it, hope it helped anyone or at least was fun to read through, looking forward to an even more exciting gaming year, I want to buy Skyrim and kingdom Hearts.


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