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My 2020 in review: potato-proof!

Content of the article: "My 2020 in review: potato-proof!"

FIrst of all, i'm glad that this format is allowed cos I suck at writing and i'd never get the required amound of words otherwise. My laptop is pretty old, hence the old/small games. Anyways, enjoy/endure this rant if you'd like 😀

  1. Celeste – 15h +10

It got my attention due to youtube essays and such. first game in years where I spent €10 on. The most wholesome little thing i ever laid my eyes upon. also, my first platformer so the assist mode was pretty neat. the music, the colours, the way it handles heavy subjects. A year later, it's still my desktop wallpaper. (Tho the DLC is impossible)

  1. Half life 2 – 20h

I played eight hours the first day, something i rarely do. Was blown away by how it uses physics, and how it's so rarely used in a game. But it started dragging. Sections started to get too stretched out. The combat itself was…a downgrade from the first game?You get thrown in a story, no time to explain. Which isn't bad on it's own, when you eventually explain stuff. But that never happened in a satisfactory way. And after those godlike eight hours, I got frustrated and eventually, disappointed. You are the messiah incarnate. ok, but why, anyone care to explain? Not now? Figured as much.

Brb, i'll just step into this cage because the game indicates me to, why on earth would I.. ah nevermind.

  1. Pony island – 2h

You're locked in a computer with Satan. Did not finish, it gets dull very fast, as the arcade sections are laughably bad and you gotta do them over and over again.

  1. The bridge – 8h

it's ok, kinda what you'd expect a game developed by mostly one guy. I liked the concept and the style, but ultimately the puzzles weren't exactly clear. I had to get a walkthrough for half of the game. But maybe it just wasn't a game for me.

  1. Spy fox 3 – 2h

Didn't play this one as a kid, cos it didn't get translated in my language. Not as good as the other entries

  1. Samorost 2 – 1h

Amanita + Tomas Dvorak = buy (but mostly for the ost). They're the guys from Machinarium.short and weird. nice little tunes

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  1. Trine – 8h

Another physics-based game!You control three characters: melee, ranged and physics puzzler. It's a beautiful sidescroller, but it's very tropey and cliché. Evil wizard with skeleton army and the likes. I had fun, but i found it a bit too long for my taste, it started to drag for some reason. Also, I think I might've enjoyed the second Trine a bit more? idk, goblins in a flying castle sounds a bit more appealing. whatever.

The soundtrack is quite layered (if you get what i mean), but not one that serves repeats (so it can get annoying in-game)

  1. Teslagrad – 8h + 6h

fun little platformer. Great puzzles around magnetism. Great ambience and storytelling (through the game, no dialogue). 100%'d itThe bossfights however are serious difficulty spikes and can be pretty frustrating.but overall would recommend!

  1. Primordia – 15h, 2 playthroughs

Oh my..

I had it's soundtrack on my phone for months before i started playing (three hours of rusty synths), so I was pretty hyped before i started. point and click adventure game, pixel art.It has amazing worldbuilding, it's a solid's worth doing multiple playthroughs. Not only are there multiple endings and different ways to solve certain obstacles, every screen had developer commentary that's worth listening to.

Probably my favorite of the year besides celeste.

  1. Hollow knight – 60h

my first metroidwhatever. it took quite a little getting used to. a must-play, obviously, not much to say about that. Myla hit me quite hard.

However, I must confess: I'm too slow and it demotivated me for quite a while. Which is weird cos i'm only 26. Found a plugin which lets you slow the speed a bit.'git gud': im sorry. Ultimately, i don't play for the challenge, but for the beautiful worlds and moods that people can create.

So far, i only have the base ending, but i'm planning to play a little more in the future.

  1. Doki Doki Literature club! – 7h…uh, i swear

A free visual novel that ah, gets under your skin. IRL: I was afraid for a while this summer that i have gotten myself into a similar situation. But luckily everything turned fine.

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Worth playing, tho a replay is not really worth it.

  1. Vampire: The masquerade – 20h (this year, on my second playthough)

I don't think much needs to be said about it. (unless if you want me to)A lovable, janky piece of love. with dialogue as it's highest selling point and combat as it's lowest.

Did a second playthrough as a Malkavian this year.

13 Crypt of the Necrodancer – 16h

My first roguelite. rhythm based.I didn't get past act 3 with the base character.But it's good stuff. Would recc. Check out the soundtrack!

  1. World of Warcraft

Guess what: you can explore half the game for free now. Finally!As i'm never gonna pay subscriptions again, this was a very welcome change.The reason i won't, is cos i'm done with games that have no end, and MMO's are the king of timesinks. However, I absolutely love the environments, so it's great to go roaming a bit for a time.Did the Gil'neas starting zone (it's been ten years, whoa), up next was Boralus (harbour town from last expansion).

  1. Thief 2: the metal age – 32h

wow, just wow ™Amazing stealth game, if you shouldn't know. Big emphasis on sound, which few stealth games do. Also, rope arrows. Tho i gotta say that while it's tighter than it's predecessor, Thief 1 hooked me more. I played 2 more in short periods, instead of weeks on end.

  1. Sunless Sea: Zubmariner – 25h

Speaking of endless games…An occurence! I drowned on 29/12 and i'm not yet over it.

Got it for free last year and played some 15 hours back then. Bought the dlc this year and played some 25hs more. Anyways. It's mostly a text-adventure game. One whose storybits never fail to entertain. Lovecraftian, Incredibly original, but also hilarious. But there's quite a bit RPG-aspects and exploration in there as well.

However, you might do some tweaking to enjoy it as you want to. The earlygame is very slow and takes long to get out of, as you have a very limited cargo and it takes a long time to get your economy running, if you don't know what you're doing. And you'll find out that the wiki is quite useful.Would recc, if you dont feel bad for tweaking the ini-file a little.

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