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My advice for securing a PS5.

Content of the article: "My advice for securing a PS5."

I was fortunate enough to nab one yesterday after a week of obsessing and trying all over the place. I use a three monitor setup so I had the browser open on all day on my rightmost monitor. I installed the chrome browser extension Tab Auto Refresh and had it refreshing every 60 seconds (you can adjust the time). Doing less than that was just annoying and distracting to see the window constantly refreshing, I still had work to do.

I was a little late in the queue because I didn't fill the captcha right away since I walked away from the computer, but I managed to get into the queue about 4 minutes after it started. I freaked out when I came back and noticed it had refreshed into a queue during the brief time I was away. It immediately jumped to "over an hour" but after just a little bit it ticked down drastically and I got in. Much to my disbelief I managed to secure one.

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What I also used (which was ineffective since it only showed stock way after the queue had started) was Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) Pre-order & In Stock Tracker – . You can set that to alert you with an annoying alarm clock sound the second it detects stock. It also shows you all the places that are selling PS5, when they last had stock, and how long it was in stock for. If they come in stock on any other retail site that doesn't have a queue, it will alert you. It will still alert you for PS Direct, but it only detects when the store actually opens and by then it is too late.

Good luck guys/gals.

Fuck scalpers. And fuck the retailers for not having a plan in place to prevent this chaos. And if you are a scalper who has purchased many units, I hope you fall down some stairs. I don't want serious damage to happen to you, but I want the stairs to be concrete and I want it to hurt really really badly. Maybe break a leg or something. Capitalism is a fantastic thing, but we just want to play some damn games in this shitty 2020. Cheers!

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