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My Buzzed, 2021 Games Played List with Ratings List! So far.

I'm going to do this in order of the games I played. Please keep in mind this is my opinion, not how good or bad a game actually is but well basically how much I personally enjoyed it.

Unworthy – 2D Metroidvania – 17 hours – 7/10

Wow, Started the year off strong with a 2D Dark souls clone that was real fun. It's black and white all the way through, good boss fights, mediocre soundtrack, solid gameplay, and a little wacky balance wise. Very fun, but the 3rd/4thish boss depending on route was the hardest. Well done for a relatively unknown game.

Monster Hunter World – 3D Action RPG? – 22 hours – 7/10

This game is so good in some aspects, yet so mediocre in others. Either you're going to love it to death, or you're going to just brush it off. I feel like the best way to describe it is a hunting dinosaur action game, mostly hack and slash with some strategic moments sprinkled in. If you play with friends, this is probably one of the best.

Hades – Top down Action Roguelite – 45 hours – 8/10

Let me just start by saying this game is overrated. Does that mean it's bad? No, it's great. Top notch narration, solid story telling, interesting characters, as per usual good acoustic soundtrack. Overrated? Gameplay. Regardless of weapon or pact or whatever it all feels the same, I died maybe 5 times to the 3rd boss, 4 to the last, then its the same bosses mostly the same with variations, over and over, slowly feeding you story. It's good and bad. I enjoyed my experience, I think it's worth the price of admission, at this point SuperGiant is good at what they do.

Reventure – Roguelite? but different? – 10 hours – 5/10

Sure I give it a 5/10 but I honestly enjoyed the hell out of it. You die and figure out a new path. It's super unique, super cheap, and If you want something unlike anything you ever played before this is it. It's a small amount of enjoyable entertainment with humor.

Final Fantasy VII Original – Blockiest JRPG – 42 hours – 9/10

Honestly, right off the bat two things stand out the most. The worst ever blocky ps1 graphics and a soundtrack/starting mission that would probably still be top 5 even today. Wow is this a roll of the dice. The writing, music, atmosphere, right off the bat and into the first 15-20 hours is incredible. At the same time, the combat and graphics are super dated. Mostly everything is superb, until you hit Wall Street and the oldschool puzzles hit their stride, it doesn't last long though and the rest of the game is a true masterpiece. Just solid, I almost forgot that the graphics were bad it sucked me in.

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Katana Zero – 2D Mind Frig Action – 3 Hours – 7/10

Short, Sweet, Beautiful, engaging. Great, weird story, I enjoyed Playing this one. You kind of get these short bursts of action and if you frig up it rewinds and you start over until you get it right, but you have the right powers to slow time and throw objects. It's unique and a short wonderful experience. I'd say worth picking up at a low $$.

Crosscode – Top Down JRPGish Puzzly game? – 30 Hours – 6/10

I feel like this is where the downvotes hit me, keep in mind this is my opinion. But.. Oh man like Zelda mixed with some Secret of Mana this should be my fav game of all time.. Right??? It's a good game, I'd be an arsehole to say it's not, but I guess I just hoped for more? The combat is great, talent trees great, trading great, most of the UI/party system great. It's the bounce puzzles that overstay their welcome and the terrible writing that kind of crush this one for me. I want to love it and I played the hell out of it to keep trying, but damn those 2 things are just in overabundance. I imagine alot of people would think otherwise and that's cool too. Still a decent game.

Dark Souls II – 3D Action Metroidvania? – 50 Hours – 9.5/10

Flawed? Fully. A Masterpiece? 100%. This game is an anomaly, imagine if like one of the best games ever made in a genre you love fucked up a bunch of things, but also did a bunch of things way better and more fun. That's DS2.

Definitely the longest Dark Souls, a bunch of bosses that are garbage and should be mini-bosses OR have their health pools extended, some areas just straight up seem unfinished (spider area), also the roll stat wtf… BUT Also Powerstancing, incredible builds, the last half is gorgeous/amazing like they designed it first, the DLCs are like the best in the series, PvP is the best here, and Majula…Work of Art.

Geometry Dash – Autorun Platformer – 9 hours – 7/10

I feel like I should have downloaded this on my phone and not my computer. It's definitely fun and addicting. Basically it auto moves and you hit jump to bounce to the beat but it get's more complicated almost REAL FAST. I think I only beat 6-7 levels? It's definitely fun but seems like a better phone game maybe? Hard as balls.

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Skyrim – RPG/Adventure – 70 Hours – 9/10

Wowww, I get it. This game is sooo good, how is this game so old. I cannot believe I waited so long to play it, im still playing it. Some of the quests here are the best quests I've ever seen in gaming. Skyrim best described today is like… the most mediocre combat but literally everything else was done very well. I see people saying they wish cities were bigger and such… I think it's perfect, I just think the combat is too simplistic but everything else even today is honestly a wonderful experience. I tried it all.. 2h, sword and board, stealth archer, and magic…. Clearly stealth archer is broken.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Open world Action – 26 hours – 9/10

This game is a rollercoaster of emotions. Some parts are incredible, probably one of the best starts to a game ever. All the first 10-15 missions are the greatest then you kind of get sucked away into a place where you dont wanna be. Then it all comes back with a few crappy missions in there (airplane) but some incredible ones as well. I probably enjoyed this more than the newer GTA's, there's something real special about it. I also just really enjoyed the gang system/territorys. Even if you don't like the story this part of the game was a game of it's own. Also at somepoint the game said i'd get fat if I ate too much, so naturally I tested it and got FAT AS F@$%. Loved it.

Final Fantasy X-2 – JRPG – 13 Hours – 3/10

Why did I play this game so long… I LOVED FFX and figured well FFX-2 has got to be a solid extension, I Feel terrible for the people who bought this game back in the day thinking the same…. This has to be one of thee worst sequels ever. I honestly felt like it was written by a handful of basement dwelling sweaty monsters who have never talked to a human being and think 10 year old jokes are funny.

Despite my negativity on it, I actually felt like it improved on the combat of the original and I did enjoy the music/bard style combat. If only everything else wasn't so weird/bad.

Hyper Light Drifter – Top Down Action Indie – 11 Hours – 9/10

Talk about a game that is like a stonethrow away from being one of the best games of all time of its kind. Art, soundtrack, gameplay, design, ui, bosses, enemies, all of it… It all felt so incredible. It's such a tight and well-made game. Seriously, if you like a little bit of a challenge and good combat, some exploring, etc. This is the game.

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I think my biggest gripe is a couple things… Firstly achievements.. 800 Dashes, 1000 deaths… Stupid. Also get progression achievements in there for friend sake. My second is the length. Which imo is fine, but why on earth wouldn't you make a sequel when you basically did the programming and designing for an almost perfect game but ran out of time, but a ton of people enjoyed it. Also finding those stone tablets felts pointless considering how hard some of them are to find, might as well give us lore tidbits. Either way, I recommend it.

Bug Fables – 3D Paper Mario RPG** – 4 hours – 10/10

This is what Im currently playing… Seriously this game is so incredible its nuts… Like if you like any ounce of turn RPG games.. This is fucking it boys… WOW. Wow. Imagine taking like Earthbound, papermario, supermario RPG, etc and combining it into a tight, fun, well-made game. This is it. I'm blown away this isn't more popular. I'm gonna beat it regardless.

Dead Space – Horror/Action? – I dunno

This is what I bought to play next as is the patient way… WAY late to the game. I hear good things.

Please keep in mind. I'm buzzed at a late hour, been wishing to write this for some time, love this subreddit. The opinions of games are just opinions and nothing more. I look forward to reading responses, good or bad to this. Stay Patient friends.


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