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My entire journey with PlayStation from 2010 to 2018 – Best years of my life

It's been a ride and just occurred to me now, I feel really nostalgic about it and just want to properly say goodbye to all the memories and leave this here in case any of my old PlayStation friends are here or if people would like to hear a history of a long term PlayStation user.

Got the PS3 handed down to me in 2010 and I came from the Nintedo Wii playing games like Emergency Heroes and Dive: The Medes Islands Secrets, my Father gave me his account which went by the username Joner215 (Sadly got hijacked a few years back since I'm now permanently on PC)

My first few days on PlayStation was playing PlayStation Home, Grand Turismo 5 and a game called ModNation Racers, I only had the demo but played it constantly since I had a passion for the game. I also had Little Big Planet and the prehistoric move version alongside the others and I was loving the console, I wasn't allowed to play online for a few months because my parents told me about stranger danger, bit of time goes by and they said it was alright for me to play online but told me what not to do with strangers. Around this time of having internet access, I was given my all time favourite games: Little Big Planet 2 and Minecraft and a little later: Sonic Generations.

When I made my first PlayStation friend, he introduced me to the game which my parents bought for me since it was suitable for my age, he invited all his friends and I was having the time of my life! I still remember the night when we built a hotel and had about 5 or so players with us, it was an absolute blast.

Little Big Planet 2 had to be my favourite game, played through the tutorial and made a few little levels and then found out about the community section where you could join anybody, I absolutely loved this feature since I met many friends on the game and there was tons of memories made, still remember the hang out worlds, shark survival games, the wolf RPG, the zombie games, the cinematic levels, the horror levels (If anyone knows the name of the hospital one, please let me know) and so much more.

Something that has stuck with me forever was on my birthday, I was having a quick play in the morning when a friend on PlayStation invited me and took me to a Disney world level, wishing me a happy birthday, I found that so great and still remember it perfectly today, she'd sometimes also invite me to play Minecraft with their friends and those were some great times.

By 2012/2013 I beat the Ender Dragon on Minecraft and Sonic Generations, Little Big Planet's story mode and it felt great.

Around that time, someone else in the primary school I was attending came to my house, I introduced him to Minecraft and we became best friends a little later down the line, we always joined each other on Minecraft and Little Big Planet and had the best memories of it.

He introduced me to Call Of Duty which I found great, had to convince my Mother for a good few weeks to let me get the game, she eventually gave in and I became a massive fan of the series, played all the modern warfare games, Black Ops 1 and 2 along with the campaigns which went down as some of my favourites, we also had a friend group inside of school where we'd play every afternoon after primary school, ended up buying every DLC and weapon skin, Bacon camo had to be my personal favourite.

Bit of time goes by and the PS4 comes out my friends upgraded but I stuck with the PS3 for a while since I didn't care about the graphics or anything like that, I ended up doing well in my SATs for Year 6 so my Mother bought me a PS4 and I was pleased beyond belief, we hooked it up to the TV and I was blown away, it was completely different!

I got Call Of Duty Black Ops 3, Little Big Planet 3, Minecraft and PlayStation Plus, high school was starting around this time so our friend group got a little bigger and it was great.

The one sad thing that occurred to me was that a lot of my PlayStation friends said "last online 214 days ago" and it felt awful, I lost contact with many of them and it really hurt.

I also ended up getting a PSVR which was my first proper time in VR.

The year is 2017, got a Laptop and my PS4, friend tells me a game called "Fortnite" and we all log in to play it, the game's great for all of us since around this time there wasn't much to play on PlayStation, we enjoyed it tons, got many clips, went through season to season before arguments struck about who was playing in the squad etc. the other game we started to play was GTA V which was also great, it ended up being another favourite since we could all play together.

Stuff turned sour in the end, I was the second person in the group to switch to PC absolutely loved my time on PlayStation and it personally has a special place in my heart but I needed to switch platform since there wasn't much left for me on there, I gave my PS4 to my Dad along with his account and left PlayStation.

These thoughts keep on coming back up and I want to put them away now and let them out there for other people to read, it was seriously so much fun playing and I'll never forget how much time and love I had for the platform.

Thanks Sony for many years of entertainment and thank you to all of those I played alongside with.


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