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My Experience with Nier;Automata

Nier;Automata was hyped a lot for its different storytelling and themes, and I feel like Automata's attempt was sincere- but kind of half baked. Goes without saying that, I'm not a fan of this game, and I just want to share my thoughts on this game, since I feel everybody thinks otherwise. Again no offense to any fans

  1. Plot and Characters- Route A and B, IMO were thinly plotted, and to me it was as though a bunch of events kept happening (with no conflict, drama). These routes introduced the world and characters- but I felt the worldbuilding was kind of lackluster and surface level- while the characters were just archetypes. The plot to me, moved quickly, and there was a lot of focus being given to reveals and twists- instead of giving them a proper buildup. It was moving quickly, a lot of stuff was being introduced (the scope of the world) and happened (plot events), which felt great and interesting on a surface level, but were not anything remarkable or immersive, because of how shallow it felt. As for Route C, I believe the plot definitely got stronger and the twists were genuinely engaging and flipped the whole game on its head- my issue remained, a lack of buildup and sense of weight to events. It was kind of expected because each route was around 8 hours at most, and 8 hours is not enough to fully explore the scope of the game and all of its elements. I kinda compare this game to Attack on Titan, the plot for the most part is great, but it moves so fast and huge events take place so quickly, that it doesn't feel like an immersive journey. Like the story was kind of relying mostly on the twists and "how will it all come together in the end" trick. The world felt kinda hollow as well, and the side quests did a half good job at making it somehow "real" to me. Also the addition of Route B, didn't fare well with me, and I couldn't understand, why it was there, besides increasing the length of the story, so as to make the culmination feel more hard earned
  2. Themes- Again the same complaint. To me Automata was certainly interesting, but it was very layman and obvious. It felt like a game (or media) which was perfect for a beginner who wanted to experience something profound; especially if they wanted something related to existentialism, just because of how plainly obvious and simple it is. Given the fact that the entire game was around 15 hours (not counting route B), It touched on a lot of interesting story beats, themes and events. But it could've benefited its lore way more had it gone deeper, and let it all settle in. It was all just really simple, and the only thing which really felt effective to me was 9s and his breakdown. Otherwise Nier Automata was a very simple, existentialist story using a Dystopian setting as its backdrop. It wasn't as deep as say Texhnolyze- which really explored existential nihilism to its full degree, while also painting an effective picture of its world and exploring its relation with the characters or Evangelion- which was character study at its best. For sure there were robots named after philosophers or side quests which kind of tried to help, but it was really superificial and didn't contribute a lot.
  3. Gameplay/Graphics- The world was just boxes, graphics were good from JRPG Standards- Gameplay was just okay. Didn't use the RPG elements at all.


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