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My favorite MMORPG Gloria Victis is on sale on Steam til 9/14. 4 year veteran of the game here, so, AMA!

Content of the article: "My favorite MMORPG Gloria Victis is on sale on Steam til 9/14. 4 year veteran of the game here, so, AMA!"

Reddit, I'm excited. I love when Gloria Victis goes on sale because I really think it's a game that gets overlooked, and I like to show people what GV is all about.

Lemme get the super basics out of the way before i open up the AMA:Gloria Victis is an open world PvP MMORPG with a player driven economy. I know those are some buzzwords so let me explain.

PVP: This is the world map (this moment the map is a bit lopsided due to the fact the red team was getting pretty crushed at the time of the pic)

There are Nation owned locations (red yellow and blue) and Guild owned locations (unique flags close to the center of the map). There are safe zones near the capitals but the rest of the map is pvp and loot enabled. You can run about the map any time day for some pvp activity solo or in a group. Sometimes Non-Loot events will pop up, giving you a chance to go fight in the open world with little risk to your stuff. These events draw big crowds, because you also get a teleport to them. There are also daily non loot tournaments (think Capture the Flag Battlegrounds).

LOOTING: It has a partial loot system. Basically you can loot 1 piece of gear, and some stacks of crafting materials, and only 1 person can loot a body. Additionally there are some no loot events/areas. You can also loot enemy nations' guild storehouses where NPCS stack up mats for your guild, and you can loot enemy nations' player created crafting stations if you can find them (currently these are furnaces, bloomeries, fishing traps and campfires) that make it possible to craft and not be standing at the crafting station. Most players keep these safely within the walls of a guild castle, but sometimes….)

CRAFTING: 95ish% of all the gear in the game is crafted. The small amount of gear which is not crafted drops ocassionally from humanoid NPCs, and there are a couple weapon pieces you can get from vendors. This gear from drops is always "base level" whereas if you craft it, it has a chance to have some bonuses. Mostly what you get from open world events/PvE will be Recipes for crafting. That and gear losing durability on use keeps the crafters busy.CRAFTS: Armorsmithing, Cooking and Alchemy, Weaponsmithing, Mining and Metallurgy, Farming and Forestry, Tailoring and Leatherworking. You can level ALL the crafts to 100. No need to pick 1 or 2. Fishing is part of Farming and Forestry and can be actively done, afk, or with a trap.

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PVE: There are tons of solo and group events and quests, as well as end game open world raids. These are not "raids" like WoW or something where you need x tanks, healers, dps etc. In GV you can run just about any event with however many people show up of whatever builds. This means that no one is asking about gearscores or telling you to watch a video before you join us. The raids are mechanically not difficult in comparision to a PvE heavy game where raids are a big part of it. Mostly when we run Brandon, Ragi or Sirius (some open world raids) as a group, its a pretty chill experience for the most part if you have a decent group (make no mistake you can die and NPCs hit like a truck). They are all PvP enabled events, so gotta be careful out there.

POPULATION, MAP and ACTIVITY LEVELS: Currently the GV servers can hold 450 players. The map takes approximately 15 minutes to traverse east to west, or 20 north to south on horseback which is about 2.5x the speed of running on foot (if you could run straight across, which you really mostly can't) Each server has it's own patterns, so I am speaking of the NA Aquilla server here, from an Ismir perspective. Most nights we will have a good 35 man warband going. On big fight nights where we have a state of war, we will have 85ish, and the enemy will have similar numbers. There are always people who are not currently participating in the large group stuff. IF yo uare in an active guild, you will never be lonely if you don't want to be.

I think new players can feel like the game is empty a bit, becasue they don't know where everyone is, and we are mostly not using our Nation Chat too much because we are in discord comms instead. I really want to assure people that the game is quite alive and we are out there somewhere on the map fighting. if you ask in chat, you will find us. We will come bring you to the fight if necessary. usually if there are 50 of us on, we are pretty concentrated in 1 fight or on 1 event, so it can be hard to figure out who iswhere. My guild for example has 93 people, other guilds in my alliance have 100+. We are out here, but we might not be in the capital city right when you log in.

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GAME PERFORMANCE: Currently, I am running the game on an i6700k processor, 16 gigs RAM, and a GEFORCE 1080. I am locked at 60 frames per second on max settings (including shadows), I will drop to 40ish in very large fights. The game is more CPU than GPU intensive, according to the devs. The game was updated TODAY to Unity 2019, and devs have increased performace of the game dramatically in the last few months reducing desync and last week they redid jumping and falling and that smoothed things out a lot for me personally.

THE STATE OF THE GAME: GV is in Alpha. Devs say they will be ready for beta when they are "feature complete" at a minimum this means the addition of Ships and Housing. Not sure what all else. The game receives at LEAST 1 update per week.

WHAT'S COMING UP IN GV? Soon, we are getting a much awaited Guild Castle Freebuild update. This will be both visual and technical and it will drastically change the way guild castle fights are run. Right now, we have a freebuild system which allows guilds to build their castles by hand with a set number of points they can spend on Economiic stuff and Fortification stuff, but the system allows too much "cheesing" of the pieces and clipping of stuff together that should not be, and we have a very limited number of piece types to build with. The update should increase the variety of pieces we have to give us more choices, fix all the silly clipping going on, and be a vast visual improvement at a minimum.

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Devs are also about to add Chambering (basically a riposte) and new Cleave mechanics.

ABOUT ME: I've played GV for almost 4 years now. I have helped run the largest Ismir (viking) guilds and alliances on the NA server. I am a volunteer English language editor and a tester for the game. I am a melee shield tank build, and I like to be right in the chaos of the melee. I love GV because of the community, honestly. Some of us have been here for years together. New players are truly welcomed and taught the game in a way I don't see in other games.

Happens there is a guy streaming GV right now, (not me):

Ok well I didn't really mean to write so much before the AMA part, but anyway, AMA!


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