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My favourite mobile games

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Hi guys! Wanted to recommend some of my favourite games for Android.

Here are my favourite mobile games to play. Some of them are free, some of them are paid. Some doesn't maybe really belong on this list. But hey, we all have our guilty pleasures, right?

Grand Mountain Adventure (

This indie gem is incredible. Free to try with an in app purchase to unlock the full game, this is one everyone should at least try.

Explore and race down several mountains in challenges or free roaming, on boards or skis. Tricks are executed smoothly and easily but the game doesn't shy away from really challenging you if you want.

It's a game you can pick up for a quick play during a bathroom break just as well as sinking hours into, on the couch until the battery dies. And completionists Will have a field day with this one, trying to get all ski passes.

Also a big plus that my 4 year old enjoys it and it being kid friendly.

Civilization 6


Just one more turn, wherever and whenever. Civilization 6 is surprisingly well adapted for the small screen of a phone. The only downside is that the initial loading is slow, as well as late game AI turns.

While you can play the first 60 turns for free, the full game is worth it, but the high price tag is definitely something to consider.

At the end of the day, you're getting all of Civilization 6. And that is a lot of game.



If you don't want the fancy graphics and news features added from Civilization 5 to 6, then Unciv is a great alternative. Not to mention free. With simple graphics, multiplayer and all the units and techs from the base game of Civilization 5, it's a great game to pick up for a few turns when opportunity presents itself. Or a months long multiplayer game with friends.

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Mini metro


This game begins a very Zen experience and slowly becomes increasingly stressful and complex. Minimalistic, challenging and a great little game for your commute. About commuting. With levels inspired from real life cities, keep people moving, congestion on stations low and build a smooth metro system in this intuitive puzzle game.

Little Stars for Little Wars 2


Little Stars might be the best RTS on mobile. Tons of content, intuitive controls and a great example of easy to learn, difficult to master. If this game had multiplayer, it would probably be a daily game for me and my friends. The minimalistic aesthetics makes it easy to process all available information and the gameplay fluid.

RTC classic


If you've never played this before, do it. It's a timeless classic. If you have played this on pc back in the day, you'll know all about how addictive this game is. Build theme parks on a ton of maps, design coasters, keep your guests happy and the wallet filled. Roller coaster tycoon Classic includes all of the content from the first two games in the series. Considering the price tag, this one is a steal!

Chess Royale


This one is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. It's really just another auto chess, with 99 opponents. 3 losses and you're out. Heroes that boost different units. It's set in the Heroes of might and magic universe, has had balancing and matchmaking issues at times, bots to fill up the matches and at the end of the day, it's just another Autochess and it treads the line between Pay2Win crap and good game very finely at times. But in the end, I keep coming back to it for a game or two.

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Ah, gwent… Gwent is awesome. While Magic the Gathering is probably my favourite card game, gwent is a close second. I've been playing this on and off on pc since the alpha and it remains a really good game with a very generous free to play model. I'm only wishing for more single player content. But If I could get Thronebreaker on mobile, I'd have no complaints! Gwent is another one of those easy to learn, difficult to master games. If at all you enjoy strategy or card games, try Gwent.

Infinity engine games


Developer Beamdog has done a pretty good job reworking these old masterpiece RPGs from BioWares golden age and built a good UI for touch. It's never been easier to play Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 ahead of the highly anticipated third entry from Larian Studios. Baldur's Gate 2 is by many still viewed as the best rpg yet. And icewind dale is a great way to experience how an old school D&D campaign feels.

Cloud gaming

Stadia (

GeForce Now (

XCloud (

Shadow (

This one is probably cheating, but with the advent of cloud gaming, through your provider of choice, you have console and pc games available to you, on your phone. There's something quite amazing about playing Assassins creed odyssey on your phone while walking to the office.

Triple agent, out of the loop, Spaceteam

Lastly, here's some fun ones for when you can actually hang out with people in person again.

Triple agent


Triple Agent has your group working out who the bad guy is by feeding everyone a little piece of truth. Only problem is, who's not being honest with that truth?

Out Of The Loop

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In out of the loop, you're answering questions about a subject one of you has no clue about. Answer vaguely enough to not give the subject away but not too vague that you get accused of

being out of the loop.



Spaceteam is a game about working together to keep flying. Only problem is, this spaceship is full of stupidly named modules that constantly need adjusting and break whenever you least expect it. Everyone constantly has a task and just as few seconds to complete it and for the most part, the task is along the lines of changing the waste disposal burner to 7, only that module is on someone else's screen. If you can survive more than 10 minutes, you're doing amazing. This one is always fun with friends. For an extra challenge, set the game to a foreign language and see your group shouting instructions in a language they neither speak nor understand. There is a lot of fun in chaos!

What are your favourite mobile games?

Honorable Mentions to games I recently found and enjoy:

Among Us



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