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My Final Fantasy 6 to 15 Experience

This is my first ever post on this sub. I am a huge Final Fantasy fan and I want to talk about my favourite franchise. A note that I never owned a PS1 and I played 7-9 on the PC after the PS2 era so, I do not have any rose-tinted goggles on when it comes to the PS1 era.


A superb Final Fantasy that no fan of the series should miss.

  • Beautiful sprites
  • Epic story
  • Killer soundtrack
  • Unique characters
  • Ambitious setting
  • Ultros

7 PC edition

The graphics are so blocky and ugly but the gameplay was fantastic. I 100% everything by following a guide. The story wasn't translated well but I enjoyed playing the game. It felt ambitious and I still have memories or defeating Emerald and Ruby weapon with Knights of the Round. Soundtrack was amazing. I can't wait to play the Remake but I'm waiting for the second part to be released first.

8 HD

This is the worst Final Fantasy I've played. The battle system was inane, the environment was difficult to navigate and the story in the second half just amped the WTF level to 100. Thank God for max abilities and speed up.

9 HD

The world and characters were charming but my God the battle system was horrible due to the speed and pacing. Loading in to a battle the screen will spin and play the battle music, camera pans around the characters and finally the battle starts. Waiting for the ATB to charge and for a command to execute. Halfway through the game I turned on max speed and went for max abilities and max level as I could not stand the slowness anymore and just enjoyed the story. This game deserves a remake.


The first Final Fantasy I've played. I am of the opinion that the first Final Fantasy experience is always magical. To many, FF7 is their favourite because it was their first foray into FF. Well, mine was FF10 and I look upon with with a strong nostalgic feeling. I was moved to tears by the end of the game during Yuna's speech. "To Zanarkand" is my favourite FF tune of all time.

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10 HD Remaster

The turned-based battle did not age well. I plan to complete this and 10-2 remaster later on.


My initial opinion of this game: "It's a goddamn trash anime game for Sailormoon fans. I can't believe they released this shit."

After I gave it a chance one year later: "This game is so goddamn good that I played the New Game+ and 100% completed it."

The battle system was so fun and I liked the focus on only 3 main characters that I can customize however I like. I liked that I could go to any area I liked at the start of the game and there's a % bar that tells me how much I have completed. Secret ending 10/10.


I will probably never play FF11.


The first time I went into the world, I saw a dinosaur and attacked it. It killed me in one shot. I came back later in the game and beat up that dinosaur. 10/10. I thought that the story was good and the Hunts were really fun.

12 Zodiac Edition

I am 6 hours into it. So far, tougher than I remember.


This was the first game I played on PS3 and was blown away by the graphics at that time. The story confused me until I read the story in-game and I was determined to finish the game. The game was a cakewalk until there was this boss I could not defeat after multiple tries. I looked up a guide and discovered the intricacies of the battle system, tweaked the strategy and defeated the boss. That's when I realized the battle system is actually good. I finished the game and the ending was bittersweet.

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This game was strange as it had the Pokemon monster catching which I did not really enjoy. Due to the time hopping nature of the game, I realised that once I take a long break, I have no idea what I am supposed to do next. I have yet to pick this game back up.


I plan to complete FF13-2 before starting this.


ARR + Heavensward – I just quit Guild Wars 2 and was looking for another MMORPG. I was heavily invested into the game but burnt out by the end of Heavensward due to the slow content drip.

Stormblood + Shadowbringers – I rejoined at the end of Shadowbringers after hearing how good the story was. Stormblood was so boring that I took 4 months to complete the story. The payoff was worth it. Shadowbringers has the best Final Fantasy story and the best Final Fantasy soundtrack. The ending of patch 5.3 hit like a truck. I've since unsubscribed and am waiting for the next expansion to resub again.

15 Windows Edition + All DLC

I watched Kingsglaive and the anime shorts prior to starting the game. It started off slow for me and I abandoned it because the open world felt too large and I had an attitude whereby I needed to complete everything in one zone first before moving on to the next.

A year later, I found patientgaming and approached the game with a different attitude to experience the story all the way until the end and only explore/level up if necessary.

I ended up exploring the entire game before the final area. I loved the interactions between the party. The relationship between the four bros made me feel like I knew them personally. I know their hobbies, their fears, their personality, what they would say in a given situation. When one of them says a line, I would be like "That's so "

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Noctis turned from a emo bitch into a true King. The ending was one of the best finales with all the feels. I couldn't stop thinking about the ending and bought all the DLC. Played all of them, got back into the game and tried to do everything I can.


  • Best male protagonist: Noctis
  • Best female protagonist: Yuna
  • Best party: FF15 bros
  • Best antagonist: Sephiroth/Kefka
  • Best soundtrack: FF14
  • Best story: FF14
  • Best sprites: FF6
  • Best summon: Anima (freakiest design I've ever seen)

I have high hopes for FF16 and have yet to complete Final Fantasy 1 through 5, 13-2, 13-3. I am looking forward to playing FF7 Remake in the future too

I hope you've enjoyed my Final Fantasy adventure.


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