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My First Playstation 4 Game I completed : Uncharted 4 Appreciation

Content of the article: "My First Playstation 4 Game I completed : Uncharted 4 Appreciation"

So I really dont why I was Stalling the game so much maybe its the thougt the game would be too similar to tomb raider which I have already played to death and was bored.. I decided to give a try , what happened after was that I had the pleasure of playing one of the best action / advnenture gaming I ever experienced and even though the gameplay was moderately similar with Rise of tomb raider , the game litreally left all the Tomb Raiders game in dust … I would try to leave with some of the Points that I really liked

Movement : This may seem like a minor detail but honestly it left me with the most lasting appreciation. Handling Nathan Drake was so smooth that I sometimes used to feel that I am running if he runs, it sort of feels like If I am confident Nathan is Confident , if I am less confident so does Nathan. It is marvellous that I hardly faced any difficulty with so much platforming. Thats how character movement should be fluid… Oh I forgot the Hand to hand combat which is unreal, it feels like very simple but It feels so good punching and dodging, its as if each punch or kick has a certain weight to it and I was looking forward to more hand to hand combats which is first time for me

Narrative and Dialogues: I remeber multiple moments where I sort of forgot what I m doing and where I am going because I was so heavily invested in the dialogues… The Naughty dog litreally nailed the Sense of Brotherhood feeling , I was so invested in Sam character that I used to think oh yay I think Sam needs to boost me here or oh oh I am pretty sure Sam will throw a pun at me now ….. That is absolutely incredible , i have so much love of narrative stories that playing this game was a pleasure , and Please Eleane was love , at the end of game chapters I was thinking damn Nathan is lucky to have a wife like her, I have never cared that much for the video game characters but I really came dangerously to have a real crush on eleana. I loved everthing about her , her understanding nature , her excitement , her bubbliness. All throught when I was with eleane I felt Nathan and I was with friend (marriage goals)

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Further more Regarding Story I really liked how the game manages to throw curve balls at me , the Sam spoiler threw me off the hook and was preety angry until a perfect succesor chapter the Drake brothers which really helped me that to understand Sam feeling … Also it was pretty good for Naughty Dog to throw a fake prison chapter at the beginning . The story thus was at last was very well done for me rafe was not a particular one sided villain all he wanted was the tressure it just how everyone in the game suffered from poor judgment and typical human behavior… So Really well done story

Additionaly I have lots of thing to talk about it like how the game truly felt exploring and never handholding and the absolutely brillant set pieces , wonderful platforming (The best I have ever played no hyberbole) etc but I have to go now and quickly complete the last chapter 22 of uncharted 4

TLDR Uncharted 4 blew my away and was absolutley not hyped in any way … It really deserve all the praises


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