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My ideal Assassin’s Creed game will probably never be made

Content of the article: "My ideal Assassin’s Creed game will probably never be made"

I've been playing some AC Unity lately and it made me think about the direction of the AC series.

Unity, despite it's reception when it launched, is a much better game than Origins and Odyssey, and it's better than what Valhalla is shaping up to be. It still has problems, but it also still has the elements of the Assassin's Creed formula that originally made me a fan of the series.

I feel like AC has lost its identity and I know I'm not alone in that. There were things that made Assassin's Creed games great: parkour, stealth, historical detail, art style. Being an actual assassin. All of that has been lost.

Unity has more fluid parkour and animations than Origins/Odyssey/Valhalla, it has actual decent stealth gameplay, it gives you a hidden blade and has you wearing the assassin robes with the iconic hood. Hell even the combat is arguably better than the grindy mess that it is now (although neither types of combat are that good).

Assassins Creed has gone in the complete opposite direction that I wanted to. I basically wanted to be a historical hitman, but we got a bad Witcher 3 knockoff instead.

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Odyssey doesn't even have assassins, or anything that gave the franchise its identity. I don't want to play a Spartan warrior, I want to play an assassin, who is a master of blending in and working in the shadows, and is vulnerable in combat. I want robes with the iconic hood. I want a hidden blade. I want targets to kill with multiple ways to stalk and approach them.

It's so stupid that you have to grind to upgrade your hidden blade, or a stealth kill wouldn't actually kill someone. Somehow, you stab a guy in the neck, and he stands up and alerts his friends. The rpg mechanics clash with what the series is/was supposed to be about.

Technically the first game is still the purest. As Altair, you first had to gather information on your target, before being able to find and kill him. I kinda want to go back to that.

I don't know about some fans, but fans like me were fans of AC because of the underlying formula, not despite it. But there were issues, and we wanted Ubisoft to improve the formula, not downright throw it out and turn the series into something else entirely. Complaining about the lack of quality/polish and a yearly release cycle didn't mean we wanted a Witcher 3 knockoff with more grinding and microtransactions (which btw was another thing introduced in some of the older games that I didn't like but they kept that part in).

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When I'm playing Assassin's Creed, I don't know about y'all but I don't to feel like some unstoppable warrior/Spartan/viking/etc. I want to feel like an assassin.

I get it, I guess. Modern AC has a different fanbase and the games are made for them now, and not for me. Sucks but it is what it is. I just wish that, if not Ubisoft, then some other studio would take a crack at a historical game with social stealth and parkour.

We will probably never get a proper Assassin's Creed game, and that makes me a little sad.


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