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My journey on dealing with Ubisoft shenanigans for the past few days.

From this point on I want to share about my experiences with Ubisoft on solving my problem. It's already been 72+ hours and still no solution to this simple matter such as receiving a PAID DLC. Bear with me while I rant.

TLDR; Bought Division 2's DLC on 13th February through Ubisoft Connect. Up until now the app still won't recognize that I owned the expansion and I was already charged for it (both payment confirmation from Ubisoft and card provider is emailed to me). Contacted support, filed a case since day 1, but all they do is escalate my case to a team but hasn't had any developments up until now. (I will edit this later if there's any update.)

As soon as I found out that Division 2 is going to hold another update even after TU12, Me and my friends are thrilled, then quickly decided to buy the expansion. Since we're newcomers to the game, we were just happy to find out that the game is still being updated by developers (regardless the negative comments about it that I've noticed recently in communities). On 13th Feb at night, we bought the game through Ubisoft Connect (not the website). It wasn't much because of the discount plus a 20%. We bought it at the same time, same card provider, all using Ubisoft Connect. The payment process was pretty smooth as we did not have any problems like losing promo codes etc.. but then one by one we started to notice that our expansion wasn't loading ingame.

My friend (A) could access the expansion immediately after buying, the other (B) had to start a support chat and 1 hour later his expansion is accessible. And then there's me, as soon as B told me that he contacted support through live chat and got the game, I immediately tried to do it, since a restart or any other solution like deleting caches did not help. So, I filed a case saying that I can't access the expansion and that I've been charged (attached proofs and screenshots), also started a live chat. The first live chat tried to confirm my payment. Support said that he did not see any payments being made through my account, I replied that I've attached the confirmation and even purchased through the app. As soon as he saw the attachment he proceeds to tell me that I should wait for the grace period because (probably) the payment has not been processed. I was alright with the reply, not knowing that it would still be ongoing up until this second.

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Since the support is in a different time zone than I am, I was hoping for a reply by the time I woke up because I assume that my sleepy time is their work time in US region. Well, that didn't happen. I've tried adding comments to see if there's any update on the case, and waited for 24 hrs, but still nothing good came up. In this period I've discovered a few things that is weird but might just help the case:

  • My Friends' situation (A&B). In Ubisoft Connect > Games > Division 2 > Store Options beneath the logo, their expansion status is already "Owned". I still have it with the scummy discount price saying it's 100% free but it's actually 70%. Nevertheless, mine is still not owned.
  • Ingame, the helicopter pilot redirects me to the Shop. With my friend B, the shop still has the expansion and price "card" in the Shop listing. Me however, clicked on the Shop, came out a notice saying "The shop is empty", clicked confirm to proceed to the shop only to find that the Expansion is not listed anymore (only year passes and other listings).
  • Luckily two payment confirmations came through, one is from Ubisoft and the other is Xsolla. I don't know if the problem is related to Xsolla.
  • I could check "My Orders" tab in Ubisoft Connect. COULD. Now even loading the orders page is a real pain in the ass. My orders would sometimes be empty (the Lunar Sale countdown is 00:00:00). Ubisoft Store (website) doesn't even recognize that I've made purchases.

The second live chat almost did the same as the first. Somehow they would still confirm a payment that has gone through a confirmation, as if they weren't sure if I had really bought it with the account that I'm using. Though the second one escalated my case and said that this would be solved by a dedicated TEAM, but unfortunately couldn't give a certain timeframe, but I was fine with it because there was a slight update. I guess I saw a light and thought that if it's a team that is solving a case, then it would be much quicker to get it done. But no, not a single update on the case until now, and I had to wait much longer than a day because apparently Ubisoft is having a holiday break. After their break I begin to reach out their live chats again, however they have not found the solution, and my case is being escalated again to a team. All they did was escalate the case.

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Up to this second, I'm still waiting for an update. I'm so tempted on purchasing the same DLC through Ubistore (because apparently the system doesn't recognize I've bought and owned it, therefore the system lets me), and request a refund of the previous purchase. The thing is if I do that I wouldn't know the outcome, if the refund will be in a longer period that this (Some cases take 6 days for a goddamn refund). Funny thing is, I noticed that my case is going back and forth to being escalated > In progress (We are working on your case) > Escalated again > In progress again. It has been like this for 4 days.

I know that the live support would not immediately know what the problems are, and that they're probably busy handling easier cases. But what I can't seem to tolerate anymore is the fact that a team is behind this horrendous case. A TEAM is most likely a bunch of people working on the case, but THEY can't seem to solve this? I've found numerous similar cases to mine while reading forums too and some of them is being neglected by the support. Also, the fact that this is UBISOFT we're talking about. It's a big company publishing Triple A titles, and yet most of us are still experiencing a very problematic server and services. I was patient, but the fact that the following-up is so damn slow and the fact that I PAID for this is ridiculous, to the point that I can't help but to compare this to Steam's support, which is lightspeed. I'm nearly in the brink of my patience that I feel like refunding and rebuying it without the discounts. I do have a feeling that Ubisoft Connect is harboring a crowded traffic and a bad server, thus my problem.

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I will update any developments of this case. If the games I play weren't in Ubisoft in the first place I wouldn't be purchasing them here.


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