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My New Game General Concept!


a PVP/PVE MMORPG Game Combat and character: The character is customizable, With the ability to choose From different Classes that can affect your gameplay (Neither bad nor good way fairness is my highest priority)

Stats and building: 1. Attack Points (The base damage comes mainly from weapons, levels and artifacts) 2. HP (HP…) 3. intelligence (Can be obtained through levels and learning new skills, used for getting better alchemy recipes and skill combos) 4. Crit rate (How much do you crit, obtainable through weapons and artifacts) 5. Mana (used to execute skills mostly magic ones, obtainable through leveling and getting higher Intelligence) 6. Physical damage (How much damage do u deal with dat weapon) 7. Mastery (It's basically linked to all ur skills, using it u can achieve higher power of anything u want) 8. Spiritual Level (Used to power spiritual magic, obtainable through mastery and leveling)

Magic: Magic is split into

  1. Holy magic (Best type of magic for buffing and healing, very bad for attacking) uses White Mana (Exist in a Mediocre way everywhere, concentrated higher in places that are considered "Holy" while less in places considered "Demonic")

  2. Demonic Magic (The magic made by greater demons, it's only purpose is to delete any enemy) uses Red mana (exist in a less average way in most places, Concentrated heavily in places that are labeled as "Demonic")

  3. Tentei Magic (A magic created by a mysterious being, Is both buffing and defensive) uses green mana (Exist in a Mediocre way everywhere, concentrated higher in Mountains)

  4. Human Magic (A gift given from a myself being to humans ages ago, is used both as offensive and defensive) uses green mana (Exist in a Mediocre way everywhere, concentrated higher in Mountains)

  5. Galaxial magic (A magic from another world) can't be obtained by players…. yet

  6. Spiritual magic (A type of magic that directly comes from spirits, can be used to buff and offense). uses Spiritual level

classes: 1. Litch : a knowledge seeking undead (Worse physical damage abilities while higher Intelligence and Mana capacity) Most suitable magic : Human and tentei 2. Human (Mediocre physical and magical abilities while better mastery and intelligence) most suitable magic: Human and Spiritual 3. Demons (Very high mana and magical mastery, can only use Red Mana) most suitable magic: Demonic 4. Monster (high Mana regeneration and good physical abilities can't use Spiritual magic) most suitable magic: Holy magic

Job System: adventurer : Most generic and basic thing (u get randomly generated requests ranging from F rank to X rank, mostly killing monsters, exploring etc.) Tomb Stealer : the name may let u think about bad things but no it's even worse (u r a private adventurer, at this point u get requests from players instead, things like collecting materials, killing a player, sabotaging a guild etc.) Hunter : At this point u r the terminator (u work to kill targets given by the game or special clients) businessman: Create a farm, go and collect materials, craft weapons, cook food, all of that to sell them at ur store Thief: Illegal activities go brrr killer: more illegal activities go brrr Pirate: Illegal activities on the see go brrr (If u commit any crime or just go around and troll people, don't be surprised when 3 hunters targets u)

Guild System:

guilds can be formed once u surpass a level, u need alot of resources and Money to form one

As a guild, u have 2 options: 1. build the building inside the small pocket realm 2. build structures in the world of the game like a chad (ofc. ur build should be approved by the developers first) this may result to (I hope) player made cities

higher level guilds will have the ability to create custom NPC's

weekly, monthly and yearly, a player of the week/month/year will be selected based on: 1. Support during Guild wars 2. Playtime 3. character level and skills 4. KD

weekly, monthly and yearly, a guild of the week/month/year will be selected based on: 1. Dominance during Guild wars 2. guild members activity 3. guild members 4. amount of structures 5. amount of wealth

Guild Wars: guild wars is a regular event where guilds get to attack areas conquered by other guilds, during a guild war, you can assign an alliance with other guilds to protect/dominate more Guilds that are under a certain level aren't allowed to participate in this event During this event players that don't belong to any guild can participate by killing/protecting Npc's etc. or sabotaging some guild for fun lol. In the Guild wars, guilds will be able to get numerous benefits from participating, boost in level and EXP, more land, and most importantly more Dominance points for the guild and each member. dominance points are a type of EXP, it'll significantly boost the guild by all matters, people that'll be willing to join to more leaderboard presence.

regular Events: those events happens regularly, a part of the stpry to say at least.

  1. Oxygen Increases: during this event, the level of oxygen increases continuously, players will get a significant boost, but monsters will be the main benefits, monsters will experience increase in size and speed, making them a pain in the ass. to Stop this nonsense, players have to do numerous tasks like protecting, searching for traces on why the oxygen level is increased etc.

  2. The depths of the oceans: bored from exploring the overworld? fear not bcs the ocean Is calling. explore the world and history of civilizations that used to live in the past on this world, Find numerous treasures and powerful Weapons!

  3. The caves of Elsewhere : Once in a while, The transformations caused in the map by unknown reasons, form caves that are unexplored, it's said that the caves have unseen creatures and unlimited treasures, but why not find out alone?

  4. The Treasures of the world : What is better than some puzzles and treasures! The old school way.

  5. It's The Spooktober! : at the month of October, all the monsters that are labled as "undead" will become stronger and the drops will be Even better. but now go and explore the scary cities of the undead, kill monsters and enjoy abit of horror when a big monster starts attacking out of nowhere. don't forget to give ur character then new accessories, but why not the weapon also

  6. Evil Santa Month : at the Christmas, snowy areas will get a boost, all the players will get numerous presents but not only that, the Evil santa event will happen, where there's an evil santa hidden in the snowy area, the on who finds it and kill it first will get a mysterious Drop, ofc all players will get to fight him and win numerous rewards by doing so

This is it until now, if you have further suggestions or points please tell me (Also Plzzz A name Idea I have 4 names Fushi-Tentei FuTen Online Shenmi-Tentei Shenmi Online They're all Japanese and chinese names meaning mysterious god )


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