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My own imaginary MMORPG… Help with some ideas :D (Hobby / imaginary concept)

So this is a weird post…
I am (on and off, I am not doing it all the time) writing up a concept document for an MMORPG.
It isn't meant to be realistic really, it is just a "dream concept" that I would love to either be a part of the creation of OR just see being made.
Of course this means that it is a dream concept, and therefor unrealistic when it comes to its capabilities. (for example the dream concept so far has 46 race options which is quite unrealistic for an MMO)

I am here because I want to ask for some advice / ideas.
It is regarding "skills" Or specifically skill trees.

Skill trees are the basis for every playable character.
Every character uses skill trees as a mold, for their respective element.
Every character, upon creation will be given a quiz… which determines which god favors them. And depending on the god that favors them, they will gain an elemental power.
This elemental power modifies the skills in the skill trees, determining if you are throwing an ice bolt or a fire bolt and so on.
This means that for every skill, there are 14+ variations. (this will of course mean that some skills will overlap but that is a minor problem)
Ice, Blood, Light, Gravity, Life, Entropy, Wind, Acid, Earth, Fire, Beast, Shadow, Water, Lightning,
("old gods" that need to be found before gaining access.. Wildgrowth, Death, Abyss, Time and Gore.)
During the playtime will the player character encounter new sources of skill trees, simple things like vendors and trainers will give ways to earn access to simple skill trees
While other more advanced skill trees require that you have specific skills already in place, or solve some puzzle. The rarer and more specific the skill tree, the harder it is to get.
The skills are ranked as follows: Common. Uncommon. Rare. Epic. Legendary.

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During the entire leveling process from 1 to 100 will each player get 150 skill points. (1 point for each level up to level 50 and then 2 points per level up to level 100), which they can spend on the skill trees.
Respecs should be INCREDIBLY rare, taking a guild weeks to gather materials for ONE…
But every player, upon reaching level 50, would get 1 single respec token, to use whenever they wish to reset their skills.

These are the basic concepts for skill trees.
And I have so far (I THINK) figured out all the "common" skill trees. Which are as follows.


These skills are trees that a new character starts with, and players can pick from without prerequisites.
These trees will act as grounds to unlock future trees.

  • GUARD:

The Basic protection skill tree. Focusing on giving skills about maintaining presence and reinforcing their position

  • No requirement


The Basic Summoning skill tree. Focusing on giving skills about summoning familiars and minor objects

  • No Requirement


The Basic offensive casting skill tree. Bolts of elemental power and larger blasts sprays.

  • No Requirement


The Basic Enhancing skill tree. Upgrading and improving items, or even the caster's own body.

  • No requirement

  • THUG

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The Basic offensive bruiser skill tree. Blending raw physical power and speed for a mobile fighter

  • No requirement


The Basic stealth based skill tree. Focusing on remaining unseen, appearing where they shouldn’t and disappearing again.

  • No requirement


The Basic healing and support skill tree. Healing and keeping yourself and your friends alive during combat.

  • No requirement


The Basic Ranged fighter skill tree. Everything from basic bows, to simple flintlocks, to just “throwing a rock”…

  • No requirement

So what I am asking for here…
Do you guys have some suggestions for some skill trees that you think would fit?

NOTE: That these skill trees can be very specific or very vague…
I for example have a mental concept of a "Bubble" skill tree, which is the ability to create large or small orb fields of whatever element you possess, both for protection and minor use.
I also have sort of ideas for skill trees such as "elementals" and "Demonology" both two different versions of Conjuring and Enchantment trees (which those requirements)
So any ideas (and perhaps even requirements for said skill tree ideas) would be absolutely appreciated.

(sorry for long post)


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