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My Review and Thoughts of Mass Effect 2

Content of the article: "My Review and Thoughts of Mass Effect 2"

Platform: Windows PC

Controller Type: KB+M

Hours Played: 16.8 hrs (it's shorter than I thought actually since howlongtobeat has it at 24 hrs)

Completion Status: Main story complete (I'll probably not finish all the side quests)

Yes, I know Mass Effect 2 has been talked a lot in this sub, but since I developed a habit into reviewing every game I finished and post it on this sub, I'll just do this anyways.

Mass Effect 2 had always been regarded as one of the best games ever made. Personally, I tried to play Mass Effect 1 first, but for some reason I couldn't get into it (which was weird because I can stand other old games like Half Life). Mass Effect 2 is a lot better I heard in terms of graphics and gameplay, so I jump straight to ME2 after 5 months of quitting ME1.

Let's first talk about gameplay. The gameplay in Mass Effect 2 isn't the best, but it's definitely fun and serviceable. It's a very standard cover shooter. Press Space then Shepard will duck behind a cover, and when you press the right mouse button Shepard will pop up and you can shoot enemies. The highlight of ME2's gameplay will be the squad system. You will have around 6-7 squad members (I believe?) at your disposal, and every time you can choose 2 to go into battle with you.

The AI for the squad members are surprisingly pretty good. Often times when there's a "sidekick" in the game that can shoot, they're often pretty useless and you'll be mad and blame it on them. In ME2 not once you'll blame your squad members, they all shoot fairly well and can deal quite a lot of damage. My only complain of the squad members AI is that they are pretty dumb in terms of cover. Of course, because the AI is dumb in terms of cover, the game forces you to use another mechanic ME2 uses: use the Q and E keys, and you can assign your squad members to go to a specific location you're pointing at. I personally like this system a lot because it makes Shepard feel like a capable commander, able to tell everyone where they need to go, and what they need to do.

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Speaking of Mass Effect 2, let's talk about the main selling point of the game, which is the story. Personally I liked the story a lot, but I don't think it's as good as people say. To do that, I'd need to add in some spoilers, and I also want to add in the obligatory "imo". While I think the story is epic, the pacing seems a bit off. We can look at this by looking at the main story mission: Stop the Collectors. We first start with Illusive Man telling Shepard about the dossiers. We then need to recruit 4 dossiers I believe then we start another main story mission. Then we recruit another 4 dossiers I think, then we do the loyalty quests. After the loyalty quest, then it's Reaper IFF and lastly the intense suicide mission (which was my favourite part of the game). So what's the problem here? First off while recruiting the dossiers are main missions, they inevitably felt a little like side quests. There wasn't much story between these dossier quest that carries the whole narrative forward, but rather focuses on individual characters. The same can be said for the loyalty missions, which feels even more like side quests since they are completely optional (though it'd lead to the deaths of your crew in the suicide mission). To clear up, I want to say that I loved every second of the dossiers and loyalty missions, but if we removed these "sidequest" and focus on the main story, our storyline is ended up with —> Shepard dying, Cerberus revives him, Shepard learns he needs to recruit dossiers to fight the reapers, go to horizon to stop the collector attack, investigate collector ship, acquire reaper IFF, then lastly just suicide mission. It just feels a bit short and uneven. I'd like it more if the game provided more quests regarding the main mission, especially between that huge gap between horizon and investigating the ship. Of course, that's just my personal opinion.

Characters are also a main highlight in this game. Every single character in the game has their distinct personality that is consistent throughout the whole game. I think keeping a character consistent is something games struggle to achieve, but ME2 just nailed every single character.

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Speaking of characters, ME2 allows you to romance your squad members. I liked this addition, but I'd need to go for a "rant" (this is not the game's problem at all, but my problem lol). Throughout the game, I was trying real hard to romance Miranda because…reasons. Anyways I thought I chose all the right dialogue, but somehow I failed the romance! I got so sad after I realised I failed the romance. I think the point where I failed was when I didn't choose "Wait you're jealous" after completing her loyalty mission, which prompts the option of kissing her. I heard she's in the third game, and I hope I'd be able to romance her in the third game if the game allows me to even if I failed in the second one.

In conclusion, Mass Effect 2 is a good third person shooter with a great story. The final mission of the game was one of the most intense moments I had in a game. Anyways that's the end of my review, thanks for reading.


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