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My Review of Minecraft PSVR

Content of the article: "My Review of Minecraft PSVR"

I’ve been playing Minecraft for almost 8 years at this point. This game is 100% one of my favorite games of all time and I have spent way to much time playing this game on my Xbox

I recently got a PS4/PSVR back in 2019 and never thought we would get this game. I was always so jealous of PCVR users for being able to play game. But then in June the rumors started happening and I was so hyped.

Now that’s it out and I have put a good few 2 hours in it, I can safely say this is probably one of the most magical things I’ve played on PSVR

I had my issues trying to get it to work at first but after 20 minutes I got in and started a brand new survival world.

I was very impressed with how good everything looks in the headset. Like seriously this is one of the most crisp and sharp games I’ve probably played on PSVR. I mostly just did normal beginning Minecraft stuff (you know getting wood, food, tools). Getting used to the head tracking tool a few minutes but eventually I got it down.

What really sold me though with the experience was this. I was wandering in the jungle and it was starting to turn night. I hadn’t had time to get coal yet to make torches so all I had was my stone sword. I “luckily” had just found a jungle temple and had made up my mind that this would be my home for the night. I walked in and made a furnace so I could make some charcoal for torches.

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Next thing i know I’m getting jumped by 5 zombies that were literally just chilling in the temple and I’m in complete panic mode. This is a feeling that I literally have never had in Minecraft and it was genuinely so awesome. After I barley survived that attack, I knew I had to explore the rest of the temple to make sure I wouldn’t be attacked again. And let me just tell you exploring this dark temple, with creepy mob noises going on all around is hella terrifying. This is something that truly only VR can accomplish. after I checked the whole temple my stomach started feeling queasy so I had to stop, but I know this is 100% going to be something I come back too.

If you have grew up with this game like I have you will absolutely love this mode and it will give you an entire new perspective of the game. I know some people have problems with it only be DualShock 4 but in all honesty it controls/plays really well. I seriously highly recommend this if you have liked Minecraft in the past before


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