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My review of the walking dead saints and sinners.

Content of the article: "My review of the walking dead saints and sinners."

Amazing game!

now as a chicken im not a big fan of horror games but I love The walking dead saints and sinners.

the reason I like it is because: the game is done so well, you scavenge for supplies and you try to make the best out of every day because the next day it will be harder, you try to get through a house and suddenly you hear a low moan so you take out your knife, your going through the catacombs of a graveyard and you hear some zomberts you pull out a timer set it and through it down the hallway suddenly two zomberts run at you as they were startled by the timers alarm and you stab them with your knife.

what im trying to say is that the walking dead saints and sinners has too many things you can do. the mechanics are amazing the zomberts AI is really well done. everything about this game feels finished and pollished. no piece of code, no artwork feels rushed. as a person who doesn't like horror games, I give this game a 10/10 must play regardless if you do or don't like horror games. all of this stuff I described doing I have actually done in game to.

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about the horror.

I found in my playing of the game that: as long as you are careful and cautious you should not get scared. for example lets take two different scenarios.

scenario 1: not cautious jimmy.

jimmy is at the catacombs running through suddenly he rounds a corner and there are two zomberts there that bite and kill him. jimmy pisses his pants so bad they melt.

scenario 2: cautious jimmy

jimmy is at the catacombs he is being careful he sees a corner but decides to be careful he pulls out a timer sets it and throughs it at the intersection… he waits for it to go off after the timer goes of he is about to set off and then realizes one key fact: zomberts are slow. so he waits a minute or two suddenly two zombies stumble out to where he threw the timer he stabs them with ease and moves to the next corner where he continues this cautious behavior.

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this wall of text is why even though I hate horror games: I love walking dead saints and sinners.

WARNING BEFORE PLAY: treat this like other horror games and do NOT play before you go to bed. not listening to these instructions could result in Nightmares, Paranoia, Panic attacks, and sleeplessness.

if you didn't listen to these instructions and you are experiencing these symptoms read a book or do something to get your mind off of the game.

(yes I learned all this the hard way and this warning is all from experience.)


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