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My Review on: ” Ghostrunner “

Content of the article: "My Review on: ” Ghostrunner “"


Ghostrunner ( PC )

“ I am the RUNNER “

Developer: One More Level & Slipgate Ironworks

Publisher: All in! Games & 505 Games

Released: October 27, 2020

Time Played: 6 Hours

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Ghostrunner is a game that I also played the demo back months ago ( ) and loved every minute of it { demo was short tho } and now the full release is finally here so let’s get onto this without wasting any time. Here is my review of “ Ghostrunner “


+ Story:

What is Ghostrunner and where is it set? Ghostrunner is a purpose-built killing machine and the last line of defense against the tyrant. It is set in the future, after a global cataclysm. A city in a giant tower is the last bastion of humanity. Implants determine membership in various castes that divide the community. Violence and poverty lead to a rebellion. Players assume the role of a hero who is one of the 100 of your kind that was exterminated in the opening chapters of the game, but somehow you the only one survived. Ghostrunner can fight both in the physical world and in cyberspace. The aim is to ascend the tower and defeat its ruler, the Keymaster.

The story is pretty straightforward and also It’s predictable, but the story is nonetheless well told and respectably voice acted.

+ Gameplay / Combat:

The important element of this game is not the story BUT the gameplay/combat of it. The game’s core mechanic is one-hit-one-kill, basically what it means is that one attack is enough to kill an enemy or the player itself. You run from platforms to platforms, use a rope to pull yourself, do wall runs, slice enemies, and such. It is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC gameplay and reminds me of a lot of Hotline Miami / Mirror Edge with fast kills sword from Cyberpunk and a head-banging soundtrack. There is also a small amount of customization as well with you choosing which abilities to have and different swords

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… speaking of soundtrack*

+ Soundtrack:

The soundtrack of “ Ghostrunner “ reminds me of a lot of the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack… Which means a good thing. The soundtrack is an excellent synthwave-inspired soundtrack that will keep your head bumping throughout and it did it for me. I could understand if people say this is their soundtrack of the year cause it’s THAT GOOD.

+ Graphics / Look:

Ghostrunner looks and sounds great. Ghostrunner might not be the revelational graphics level of game-like Cyberpunk, Ghost of Tsushima, or such BUT overall it looks eye-catching and I believe also well optimized that it will run on any Gaming PC without any issues.

RTX is also available on this game if you wanna see the reflections

+ Difficulty:

This game is not of the level of hardness like Hotline Miami BUT it still is pretty HARD. The encounter you face as well as the design pushes you to master every-single mechanics you learn throughout the game.

Tl;dr: The difficulty of “ Ghostrunner “ IS hard BUT not in a level of unfair or RAGE QUIT one.

+ Replayability Level:

Even tho this game is not that long. The Gameplay / different abilities and such makes this game a high level of Replayability. I can’t wait for DLC if they have one OR to see how the speedrunner will play this game

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– Not for Everyone:

Not a Con actually BUT This game depends mostly on the people who loved Hotline Miami, Mirror Edge, and Cyberpunk aesthetic so this game while was for me might not be for you due to high challenging levels as well as the one-hit-kill system so I highly recommend that you watch some videos of it BEFORE you decided to get it and if this game is for you.

Not always clear:

The meaning of “ Not always clear “ here means that the game does a poor job of telling the player where to go or what to do. There were many times where I was just stuck on where to go from here and had to roam around and think for almost a minute till I found the way.

Not a big issue or something that will affect the final score BUT have to mention it.

Hard on consoles/controller issues:

Another issue with this game is that this game is EVEN MORE HARDER and tough to move the camera if you be playing it on a console. The best part about playing it on a PC is that on PC, you can move the mouse to quickly aim, hit, and such BUT on the controller doing all of those moves, slice, jump, hit and every move will be super tough as I started playing it on console cause I thought it be better on a controller BUT NOPE!

Another opinion that will not affect the score and is my opinion


Final Verdict:

8/10 ( Great )


Ghostrunner is a fun slice-em-up and great platform runner game where you do wall-runs, jump on platforms, slice enemies head, and just do head bumping throughout the game on the awesome synthwave-inspired soundtrack. It is a mix of Hotline Miami, Mirror Edge, and Cyberpunk aesthetic which is a perfect combination to have in one single game. Definitely recommend it and this game might even show up in my TOP 10 GOTY list 2020 as well.

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Ghostrunner is available on Steam, GOG, Epic ( PC ), Microsoft Store ( Xbox One and soon to be on Xbox Series X ), Playstation Store ( PS4 and soon on PS5 ), and Nintendo Switch


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