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My stress-free approach to the craziness of this PS5 launch

Content of the article: "My stress-free approach to the craziness of this PS5 launch"

Without sharing a ton of details and making this post inadvertently a whiny diatribe, suffice to say our family has recently dealt with some personal loss and difficulty ranging from a death due to cancer, another cancer diagnosis and several dealing with COVID-19.

As such, the PS5 would provide both a great escape from real world stress and an opportunity to spend time with my 8 1/2 year old daughter. She loves video games, but the system would be for me as much as her….maybe me more…in all honesty. 😊

So, like many of you I have spent countless hours steadfastly monitoring numerous websites, stores, blogs, Twitter accounts, etc.

This morning I decided that perhaps I had lost sight of what was more important. I was so focused on the IDEA of being a good father and a loving husband instead of actually BEING one.

So, I closed out all of my windows and turned off all my devices. Instead, I spent a few hours assisting my daughter with her schoolwork (today was a virtual school day), then I made my wife a special lunch (she works from home due to the shutdowns and it was her mother that just passed less than 2 weeks ago). This afternoon we all went on a long walk and played in a park just the three of us.

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When I came back, I saw the PS Direct store was just winding down and I was too late….but that was okay. I missed out on a CHANCE to buy a PS5, but that’s okay. Instead, I literally skipped with my daughter and heard my wife laugh for the first time in weeks.

Please take this post in the spirit in which it is intended. I am not berating anyone for desperately seeking a PS5. Heck, we all have to find that balance in our lives, and exactly where and how that balance is achieved is different to everyone.

My point is this:

Whatever brings you true joy and happiness in this world, then may you not lose sight and cherish while you can. This could be family, faith, friends, a cause, a neighbor, your cat or dog, or whatever is important to YOU.

I’ll eventually snag a PS5, but until then, I’m going to enjoy my beautiful wife and daughter.

Good luck on your PS5 hunts! 😀

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