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My Thought After Beating TLOU2

After about 30 hrs i was able to see the credits, and there is an uneasiness after completing this game. I really appreciate the amount of effort and hard work put in by Naughty Dog in creating this Magnum Opus. The technical achievement this game is displaying is just magnificent. Graphics , Sound Quality , Facial Animation , Environmental Design , Art Design are just top tier and it deserves all the praise it gets . It really is the best game on a technical level and head to head to both RDR 2 and God Of War in this respect.

Now moving on to the game play design which i was very hesitant to play through again after the last of us. Although i don't hate the TLOU Part 1 Combat it is just effective enough to let you move on to the next story beat . The game play is just an advanced version of the previous title and as i started my journey i started enjoying it bit by bit . The atmosphere is engaging and always keep you on your toe . The tension before every encounter is immense . There are lot of weapons at your disposal , but i prefer going melee most of the time. The melee kills are really brutal and well choreographed. There are plenty of melee boss fights which i really enjoyed except the final encounter .

The gun play fighting is not recommended and stealth is more preferable due to lack of ammo and resources available to the player . The AI Humans is more fragile this time and will always try to push you to get out of cover by homing in to your position . In my play through most of the fights led to an all out war . I tried playing stealthy but the amount of encounters one has to get past through for the next story beat, i started loosing my cool in the later half of the game. So combat is basically serviceable but the game is enormous in length and i got tired by the end and just have to push through it in the epilogue part ( which is also around 2-3 hrs long) to see the finale.

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I really liked the Part 1 Story , it was well crafted , the characters were great, the pacing for most part was good ,it had a positive feeling in such a negative world, and i really appreciated it how they ended it. I still think it was best to let that game being one off. Because once you start playing Part 2 you get to know more of this world and every other person is having there personal revenge story and there is no end to it.

I came to know about Joel being killed last year due to the spoiler leaks and i was really not interested in delving into this experience at that time. But after experiencing the Abby side of the game it was justified and he gets what he deserves . Her story arc is the same as Joel's arc in Part 1, Having someone to care and protecting them no matter the cost. ND really made you care for Abby and as much as i was turned off by playing the same timeline to get to the theater fight between Abby and Ellie i was very interested in her story arc as the game progresses . The WOLF and Scars Faction war in the background was a great scenario and you get to experience the world they are living in. Lev and Yara are good characters and i really bonded with them. The Abby and Lev arc should really have a standalone game as they search for fireflies.

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As for Ellie i was really disappointed by her story arc, the motivation behind her actions, after achieving everything she was given a redemption chance by Abby to have a sound life with Dina and JJ and the game should have ended at that time . but again she went on a revenge hunt, Which really deteriorated my experience at that time.

In the Epilogue the boss fight is really frustrating to play and i was in no mood to Kill Abby , even 2 times i stopped pressing the Square button to let Abby Kill Ellie. When Ellie spared Abby i was very relieved . The redemption part for Ellie came in when Joel says " If somehow the lord gave me a second chance at that moment, I would do it all over again". That was the most powerful line in the entire game and it made me realize the pain Ellie is suffering throughout the game and the revenge she has to extract from Abby.

In the End i would just like to say that everyone should embark on this adventure, as much as i have a critical reaction to this game , it needs to be fully experienced to understand the complexity of each characters.

Kudos to Naughty Dog.

Thanks for Reading.


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