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My thoughts on the South Park games.

Hi I played this games on Xbox SX and I'm from Spain, sorry I know my English is not the best I'm using the Android self correcting thing as a damage control tool but maybe it makes this worse, please feel free to comment

South Park, the franchise as a whole is not that popular in Spain so when the first game came out I watched some gameplay and it looked nice , so I decided to play it by myself…. 6 years later. I like the show and actually watched the movie and few seasons in Spanish, but as I grew up I just forgot about it. This games gave me the boost to actually go and watch the show again.

The most important thing, if you feel offended by South Park humor don't play them. The game holds really well as an RPG, but I won't bet you can have fun if you don't like the jokes.

This games were well received and almost everyone liked them so I don't think to much people missed them, but let me tell you my thoughts on it

The first one had a great duration, 8h for me, with some secondary missions to complete while on the main campaign the game felt like a KitKat, you open it and eat each of the 4 bars one by one.

-Combat: it can feel slow at the beginning of the game, but as you progress even the mini bosses are quick. It's easy and let you make mistakes, the 1 item per round + action is made so you can play relaxed and don't need to build your character as a hardcore min maxed new kid.

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-Story: playing elves vs humans hitting with sticks is fun, the way it all goes down feels like a South Park episode. The game could be described as a recap episode for a season of South Park.

-Art: Just lovely South Park. The heart and love for the show is everywhere you look. If you know the show you will see references in all the places but if you don't know them they don't feel intrusive.

-the bad part, the last kit kat bar: the companions are worthless, butters is all you need to heal you and use Chaos when in "trouble" I tried using others but just kayle felt funny to play with cause he has the Kick the baby line. I just tried them all to see them but I had the same problem with Paper Mario, find one who makes what you need and forget about the others. The game 6years later still has bugs, it crashed once and I couldn't win in some minigames of smashing buttons, some achievements are buggy as well.

With this I got ready for the second game. The game was like 24h for me (Dlcs included) It felt like the chocolate from the Kit melted and then somehow the refrigerator made it better.

-The new combat system where you move, pull and push gives the combat a new dimension of complexity and I feared for it to be longer combats. But the moment you reach middle game and unlock the time manipulation farts this problem goes away. This time the build is more important and so they give you a lot of things to equip so you can go with your style. The powers to chose from are easy to understand.

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-Story: the superhero franchise making is for me funnier than the previous one. If the first was a season comprised this is like a Snyder cut from a movie.

-Art: not as good as the previous game in the details. It feels less cramped yes but in exchange for adding a crafting system the previous funny junk you picked up now don't have a PNG attached. You just read the name of what you picked up, the first one had a image for every piece of junk, it's true they were a lot of the same thing but it felt better to explore the place looking for loot.

-The previous problem with the companions its gone in this game. Not a 100% gone but it gives you 3 friends to join instead of 1 and almost everyone is useful, the dlc character from the crunch dlc is OP but as I cleared them before I finished the game I just used him for the "arena mode Dlc" . I found no bugs in my game and the bosses now require some tactic. The secondary missions lose weight in this game and the yaoi posters to collect are an A+ cause who doesn't like some cute boys loving each other?. Also the bank mini game was funny for me cause im a bit addicted to gamble.

Both games are enjoyable but if you look for a chill one or two days game, go for Stick of truth. I played the second one cause I had the pack and when the fist one ended it felt like I needed more. The combat and customization options are better on the second, but when you hit the dlc and face of >! a bunch of vamp kids and Michael Jackson as a final boss!<it feels like maybe I had too much of this stuff and need to cool down for a bit.

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I really hope we get a new South Park game announced at the E3. Ubisoft has the rights for it and the second one without obsidian was good so Ubisoft San Francisco can pull it out. Thanks for reading, love you all. You, Korone and Quick resume made me play games that were "On the list" and now I want to share my experience with you.


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