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My top 25 boss fights ever. Yeah, there’s a lot of Dark Souls.

Content of the article: "My top 25 boss fights ever. Yeah, there’s a lot of Dark Souls."

Ok, boss fights – basically all I care about in a video game. (Kidding.)
These are based off MY experience rather than an unbiased umbrella view of the boss.
I've probably fought several hundred boss fights in my day so basically anything in my top 25 is special, so even though Ornstein & Smough is at #23 you can't yell at me or I'll tell mom on you.
Let's go.

25. Old Iron King – Dark Souls 2.
The gameplay of this fight might be extremely generic, but fighting a big demon creature in an ocean of lava was so so so sick.
24. Shibusawa Yakuza 0.
Take that, old man. I AM a real Yakuza.
23. Ornstein and Smough – Dark Souls 1.
Don't kill me for putting this one so low. The fight was hard, it was jarring, and it was FUN. But ultimately it's a mechanical novel rather than an all-around amazing fight.
22. KirinMonster Hunter World.
Fought this beautiful unicorn in co-op with 0 idea of what I was walking into. This fight was gorgeous, and intense. Only had to do it like 30 more times to get the unicorn armor. 🙂
21. Alduin) – Skyrim.
Okay, I know everyone hates this boss. But I love it. The story of the fight really seals the deal for me, and fighting him in the Elder Scroll's version of the afterlife was really sick. The fight itself wasn't mechanically amazing but the overall feel of the fight is very dear to me. Still not as good of a dragon fight as #19.
20. Throne Watcher, Defender, & Nashandra – Dark Souls 2.
WHAT A GAUNTLET. Took me a million tries, felt so good to beat. Shoutout Nashandra for being so sick btw. A better gauntlet than O&S from DS1 for sure.
19. Darkeater Midir – Dark Souls 3.
Now, I'll admit.. This boss is mechanically a massive "bullet-sponge" and doesn't offer much in the form of technical gameplay. But he is stunning. He definitely gives off the aura of POWER and thematically this fight is gorgeous. I'm also a sucker for dragons, and this is by far the best one in any Dark Souls.
18. Marta – Outlast 2.
Does this count? Is she a boss? You don't really fight Marta, you run from her. But god it's so intense doing it.
17. Dancer Of The Boreal Valley – Dark Souls 3.
This fight very literally lives up to the name of the boss, it feels like dancing. The movements are so smooth yet completely difficult to predict. Had a really fun (terrible) time learning how to fight this boss. Also, beautiful soundtrack & theme.
16. The Sheriff – Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines.
Man, this guy was so ominous looking the whole game. I was HOPING i'd get to fight him, and I certainly did. Didn't expect him to turn into a massive plane-sized bat. That made the fight even cooler. Rest in peace, Sheriff. This fight is basically the same as my #1 boss fight of all-time except a decade older.
15. Nameless King – Dark Souls 3.
Everybody knows this fight is nuts. Thematically 10/10, gameplay is slightly frustrating but still made for a fun challenge. Basically gets the "epic" vibe of a duel fight perfectly.
14. GriffonDevil May Cry 1.
This fight was crazy, and I sucked at it. This dude is absolutely glorious though. Y'all are finna be like… DmC1 GriFFoN bEttEr tHaN NaMEleSs KiNG??!?!?! Yeah idk either, this one just really stuck with me.
13. G – Resident Evil 2.
This is like 5 boss fights, they're all increasingly terrifying. My favorite is G3.
12. Volvagia – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Still a sucker for dragons, and this one was nutty back in the day. Full nostalgia probably, but I don't even care. This fight is fun. It's pretty. And little child me was blown away.
11. Pontiff Sulyvahn – Dark Souls 3.
I can't even tell you why I like this boss so much, I just do. So grand. The arena, the visuals, the mechanics. SO grand. Wish I could fight (& lose) to this guy irl honestly.
10. Tartarus – Halo 2.
Nostalgia goggles on even harder than Volvagia. This fight is intense, and very climactic.
9. Cronos – God of War 3.
8. GrigoriDragons Dogma: Dark Arisen
GRAND SCALE DRAGON FIGHTING. Monster Hunter does this format well, but Dragon's Dogma just wins.
7. Genichiro Ashina – Sekiro.
One of the best duel fights ever. Every instance of this boss is fun, but on top of the (castle?) dueling it out with this dude was beautiful. Every single move was calculated. I would gladly fight him another 10 times since apparently this dude doesn't like dying after being killed.
6. Demon in Pain, Demon from Below, Demon Prince – Dark Souls 3.
My definitive best gauntlet boss fight in any game. I LOVE this fight. It was never dull at any moment and checks all my boxes for aesthetics.
5. Guardian Ape – Sekiro.
Big monkey. 2nd phase is the first time I've ever been caught THAT off guard by a boss fight. Literally screamed. Fight was brutal, visceral, and so memorable. Dude even comes back for round 2 with his monkey GF, wish I could kiss whoever designed the Guardian Ape.
4. Artorias the Abysswalker – Dark Souls 1.
This fight took me FOREVER, but learning his combat style was so fun that I almost weep at my memories of doing it. This guy is nuts, I love Artorias.
3. Kuze – Yakuza 0.
Something about this guy just really made me love to hate him. You fight Kuze several times, each more intense than the last, and on the hardest difficulty he makes for a real challenge. Beating Kuze down time and time again & watching his desperation to put an end to you grow exponentially felt phenomenal.
2. Sister Friede – Dark Souls 3.
Now, most people might not agree with how much I love this fight. But it's absolutely stunning. The sound design, the arena, the several phases of learning, it's all just straight art. I will remember Friede until I'm dead probably. God, this fight made me feel some typa way.
1. Detlaff – The Witcher 3.
I didn't even really like The Witcher 3 that much. It was a very good game, I've just played too many RPGs. But Detlaff, man this fight was insane. I have a soft spot for vampires and I LOVE bosses that break the mold in terms of what you expect from a certain game. This fight was beyond intense, on the hardest difficulty took me FOREVER, and is probably my favorite boss of all time.

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Honorable Mentions:
Ming Xiao – Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines.
I knew she was up to something.
Lost Sinner – Dark Souls 2.
Crossbreed Priscilla – Dark Souls 1.
Moon Lord – Terraria.
This honestly deserves top 5 on the main list but Terraria is basically 2d minecraft so, maybe it's just good here.
Ganon – Ocarina of Time
I know having Volvagia on this list and not Ganon might confuse some people, but my nostalgia goggles just prefer Vol ionno. Ganon was insane though.


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