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My year of Gaming 2020

Content of the article: "My year of Gaming 2020"

I saw a lot of similar posts here so I thought of sharing some of my experiences in 2020 too

I am a full time dentist so I don't have a lot of time for gaming unfortunately, but due to the quarantine this year I got to stay home and play the most since maybe I was a little kid back in the playstation 1 era.

So here are 10 of what I played in 2020, on PC only:

  1. Red Dead Redemption II: I bought it on 1/1/2020 but didn't have the time or patience to get over the first couple hours since it starts slow and I abandoned it for a few months but when I really sat down and played it I just couldn't put it down, the characters and the realism of the world sucked me in, even the tedious tasks and missions were super fun for me, me the guy who just wants to cram as much games as possible in the few hours he has each week, I would spend multiple hours on just fishing hunting and roaming the map to find interesting people and activities and I never was disappointed with my time, this is easily one of the best gaming experiences I have ever came across. 9/10 | 93 hours

  2. Hollow Knight: From the first minutes of this game I knew I was in for a great time, so after many hours and many many deaths and frustrating rage quits I still haven't beaten the true final boss, but I am very glad to have played through this wonderful world built gorgeous down to the finest detail, in all of my gaming life I still haven't found a comparable platformer in combat and exploration. 10/10 | 68 hours

  3. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: I might have installed and uninstalled sekiro 3 or 4 times, It's always too difficult or I don't have time for it so I might play something quick instead, but thanks to a Funhaus video I thought if those guys my age can play it and speedrun it then I can get into it too, and thank God I resisted to uninstall it again, because this is truly the smoothest gameplay a game has to offer, the deflect mechanic is my favorite and I feel like a badass slicing and parrying going through the whole game's bosses in a couple of hours. Although it took me 70 or more hours to beat it the first time. I can't remember the last time a game made me feel so satisfied after finally beating a boss in the 50th try (looking at you Father Owl). 10/10 | 105 hours

  4. Metro Exodus: I played the first two metro games in 2016 and really enjoyed them, so I was very excited for Exodus and I wasn't disappointed, I enjoy the unique atmospheric post apocalyptic games a lot so I found Exodus to be a true example of that, the story was better than I expected and the gameplay was right up my ally, it was one of the stronger FPS games this year, 8/10 | 55 hours

  5. Batman Arkham Asylum: I got the arkham trilogy on sale a couple of years ago and never tried any of them, I don't remember how I installed Arkham Asylum nor how I started playing it but there I was playing as Batman in a video game and remembering the fun times I had playing Batman Vengance 19 years ago, I really had the same childlike joy of beating up goons and using gadgets and seeing all of the villains in one place, I was transported back to that wonderful time playing this game despite it not having the best story or the greatest combat but the fun takes centre stage and that's what's it really about. 7.5/10| 12 hours

  6. Bioshock Infinite: I am a fan of the first Bioshock, never played the second and had Infinite in my backlog so I said what the heck let's skip the second and jump straight to this one, I really didn't have any expectations for it, I knew it was not like the original but the difference was good, and it was. this is a game of it's own nature or style, not many games can be like Infinite because it had individuality in the way it presented the story and how I as a player got to see it unfold in gameplay and in cut scenes, I might have not understood the ending right or I might have, all I know is I had a unique wonderful experience in that world. 8/10|19 hours

  7. Titanfall 2: I mostly play single-player games, and I play them for their single individual experience ( I say experience a lot when talking about games because that's how I see them), titanfall 2 delivers a stylish fast paced never before seen experience as far as I am concerned, like most people, FPS games are the most games I have played in my life so trying a completely original FPS game with new ideas and mechanics and also a great story is almost too good to be true, I had a blast playing this game, not a single dull moment, quick happy fun all the way. 9/10| 7 hours

  8. Katana Zero: I played and finished Katana Zero without even pausing once, or that's what I like to think, It's that addicting although it is a small dosage of vibrant quick 2d platforming, but it packs a lot, this is what Indie devs should try to present in their games: unique stories through super fun gameplay. 7.5/10| 5 hours

  9. Doom Eternal: This is not a game for the weak, or in my case for my wife who is very new to gaming, so I should have thought better that insisting on her to try it, especially that her only FPS experiences were Black Mesa and Half Life 2, nevertheless this game is for the badasses only who enjoy going super sonic speed on tearing stupid alien demons in bits. Laughing and screaming with evil joy is what my wife would say how my experience with Doom Eternal went,I really don't recall since I was busy busting open demon butt.. with my chainsaw of course. 9/10| 16 hours

  10. Dusk: I can't talk about Doom without mentioning Dusk, this is what playing on dos was like back in the late 90s and the developer of Dusk captured the core aspect of my gaming memories back then, pure blood pumping fun. 8/10| 10 hours

I of course played other games and enjoyed most of them but those were the ones I thought of while writing this post, I also play Rocket League almost everyday and have been for the last two years, but I wouldn't shut up about it if I added it to the list.

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Thanks for taking the time and reading my post, video games are my hobby and I love talking reading and writing about them.

Happy New Year and stay safe


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