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Mystal Ninja Starring Goemon. Control issues stopping it from being a masterpiece.

Content of the article: "Mystal Ninja Starring Goemon. Control issues stopping it from being a masterpiece."

I made a thread a little while ago talking about how I was going to stream the entire Nintendo 64 catalogue and Mischief Makers was my first one and how much I loved it.

Today I finished Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon and holy hell what a fantastic experience it was. The corny cutscenes, the goofy dad jokes, the ridiculous laugh track during conversations, the dungeons and puzzles, IMPACT! It was all great. It was an absolute blast to play yet the entire experience was bogged down by the complete and utter lack of camera control that just refuses to ever point in the direction you need it to for tricky platforming. It's really unfortunate just how horrible this camera is and how consistent I had to restart rooms because I couldn't angle my jump correctly, couldn't position the camera to properly judge the angle.. Also because I'm just bad anyway and that never helps. The music in this game was also hit or miss. Some tracks seemed like very short, basic loops however the Impact theme song and the final dungeon songs are amazing.

If you've never played this game and have any interest in the N64 catalogue this is definitely a must-play. A viewer referred to it as a "OoT clone" which is what piqued my interest in it. There are many similarities; Large world to explore, dungeons to complete with big bosses at the end, secrets to discover, etc. However, this game did release first and it definitely shows in both the simplistic gameplay and the controls.

This week I also checked out Buck Bumble and Blast Corps, both of which I'm going to have to give a hard pass to. Blast Corps because it's just really not my kind of game and it doesn't really have much going for it, drive around and destroy all the buildings before a truck drives into them over and over again. Buck Bumble is equally repetitive while being an incredibly frustrating and difficult experience though with a shockingly killer soundtrack. It's far from the worst game I've ever played but it just made me wish I was playing Starfox 64 or literally any other flying/shooter game. It seemed like a neat concept, you're a bumble bee with a gun shooting wasps and other insects that happen to be robotic. When you shoot wasps they crash and burn like fighter jets but ehh..

Read:  Chasing the pink elephant. In other words, games that make me feel fuzzy like Dragon Age: Origins.

You guys slapped me with a bunch of suggestions in my last thread and I'm so excited to play them all and see for myself exactly what the N64 has offer. I figure, if there's any interest, I can check in once a week with what I've been up to with this console.


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