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Narita Boy Review Thread

Game Title: Narita Boy


  • Xbox One (Mar 30, 2021)
  • PlayStation 4 (Mar 30, 2021)
  • PC (Mar 30, 2021)
  • Nintendo Switch (Mar 30, 2021)


Developer: Studio Koba

Publisher: Team17

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 78 average – 83% recommended – 18 reviews

Critic Reviews

33bitsRubén RionegroSpanish90 / 100

Narita Boy is a true work of art in every sense. Its spectacular pixelart leaves us speechless at every moment, added to a fairly elaborate lore that puts us fully into the digital realm. The combat is very dynamic and frenetic and will test us in many moments. Overall, a work of high level

Checkpoint GamingTaylor King7 / 10

Narita Boy is a surprisingly melancholic experience that puts forth a narrative exploring the power fantasy that video games provide people. While the execution of the game itself can sometimes be lacking, it pays enough of an homage to its inspirations and celebration of the era while at the same time creating a visually creative world that could’ve been mistaken as having released a few decades ago.

Chicas GamersSandra SánchezSpanishUnscored

Did you use to spend your time playin' at the arcades? Did you enjoy the music of the 80s with synths and neon lights? Narita Boy is an ode to those afternoos playing at the arcades with your friends while you are listening the hits on the radio. Narita Boy is a side-scrolling mystical techno-tale game, with a metroidvania 2D esence and renew system of combat. If you play it, you'll come back to the eighties and you'll enjoy like a child.

Daily MirrorEugene Sowah3 / 5 stars

Narita Boy is definitely one of the best looking indie platformers I've ever seen with it's unique art style and captivating music. It's neo-retro style mixed with religious themes make it unlike anything that's on the market today. The emphasis on combat shows with its well worked mechanics and engaging system. However Narita Boy does leave you wanting more from its exploration and platforming parts. But I did enjoy my time with Narita Boy and it's definitely one to pick up.

FingerGunsToby Andersen9 / 10

Narita Boy is a feat of imagination, one of the most conceptually interesting games I’ve ever played. The retro world of the Digital Kingdom – its pixelart, design and art direction – are some of the most eye-catchingly beautiful ever committed to code. Its soundtrack is mesmerising, truly special synthwave. Narita Boy ends up more than the sum of its parts, going beyond the source code to deliver a game that should take its place alongside the greatest indies.

GameBlastFarley SantosPortuguese8 / 10

Narita Boy bets on a unique setting and on basic plataform concepts to create a pleasant adventure. The combat is exciting with agile movements and a good variety of situations, especially in the bosses. The highlight is the exotic and elaborate atmosphere inspired by the 1980s: the mythology of the Digital Kingdom is carefully crafted, and the pixel art look enchants with scenarios and scenes full of details complemented by a synthwave soundtrack. The simplicity of elements and the underutilization of mechanics is a little uncomfortable, but the atmosphere is able to compensate for these problems. In the end, Narita Boy is for those who wish to be transported to a different reality.

GameSpewBecca Smith8 / 10

There’s no question that Narita Boy is epic. As though it jumped right out of an arcade machine from the 80s, it has exciting, fast-paced combat and some of the most beautiful pixel art that will ever grace your screen. Though the story is rather complex, it does nothing but help fuel the unique tone of the game. You might not understand exactly what’s going on, but when the action is this much fun, it doesn’t really matter.

God is a GeekMick Fraser8 / 10

Narita Boy's difficulty is balanced well enough to offer challenge without frustration, and the combat is sublime. Not to mention it's visually incredible.

Hardcore GamerJordan Helm3 / 5

At its best, there's certainly moments of appreciation and respect for the artistic detail Narita Boy lavishes in, with its pixel art and generally-eery vision of cyberspace run amok with corrupted foes.

Hobby ConsolasDavid MartinezSpanish89 / 100

Narita Boy is a unique game, witch beautiful pixel art, handmade animations and a great level design full of references from the eighties.

IGN ItalyFabio CanonicoItalian8 / 10

Narita Boy is an extremely enjoyable action game with absurd, dreamy and lysergic aestethics.

Metro GameCentral – GameCentral – 8 / 10

A thoroughly entertaining and highly playable Metroidvania, that goes beyond being a simple retro homage and offers some memorable gameplay twists and storytelling surprises.

Nintendo LifeOliver Reynolds8 / 10

Narita Boy joins a plethora of entertainment franchises that pay homage to '80s culture. But where others have failed, Narita Boy transcends its inspiration with exceptional world building, a complex yet thoughtful narrative, and stunning combat gameplay. It occasionally feels a little too vague and abstract in its structure, and ultimately this holds it back from being a true masterpiece, but if you're longing for a great Metroidvania title, then Narita Boy is absolutely what you've been waiting for.

NintendoWorldReportJordan Rudek7.5 / 10

Many times, an NPC would tell me where to go or whom to seek out, and I would just chance upon my destination rather than know exactly where to go; the naming conventions at play don't do the game any favors. Still, I'm leaving Narita Boy behind happy that I spent time in his world, and both captivated and a little miffed by how his story turns out. But sometimes that's the mark of a tale worth hearing.

PC GamerRachel Watts70 / 100

Narita Boy's digital twist on a classic fantasy tale is engrossing if a bit disorientating.

PC InvasionWill Backus9 / 10

Narita Boy is among the best Metroidvanias in recent years. Its beautiful world, surprisingly emotional story, and diverse enemy pool will leave you wanting more from its short run time.

Push SquareRobert Ramsey8 / 10

If it isn't already clear, Narita Boy is a great indie adventure. It's got satisfyingly slick gameplay, and the visuals are a delight. But perhaps the true star of the show is the stellar electronic soundtrack. Whether it's twinkling ambient tunes or booming synth chords, the music is superb.

The Games MachineDaniele DolceItalian8.5 / 10

Narita Boy is an extremely competent 2D platformer. The guys from Studio Koba have succeeded in the uneasy task of giving a unique personality to a video game whose basic mechanics could sometimes appear derivative.


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