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Need help for Research-creation project on the social culture of gaming

Content of the article: "Need help for Research-creation project on the social culture of gaming"

Hi fellow gamers!

Do you play any social game (games that require you to interact with one or more gamers, like World of Warcraft, Destiny 2, Gaia Online, VR Chat, Friday The 13th, Among Us, etc.)? If your answer is yes, maybe you will be interested in helping me with a research-creation project on the social culture of gaming! I am asking you, population of Reddit, in order to expand my data pool for this project.

In short, my project will serve to demonstrate the frequent unsociability in social video games. You know, people in your dungeon party who won’t pay attention to the chat and go on their own or simply won’t cooperate in a matchmaking games when it’s supposed to be all fun and game? This project would take the form of an interactive exhibition who arbors a self-explanatory story in Unity. There would be a diverse and carefully placed collection of videos and screenshots that follow a path in order to narrate the story of the recurring unsociability in social video games. To do so, I need individual presentation of gamers and screenshots / videos of social and asocial behaviors in said social games.

Therefore, if you feel like participating, you can create a short, 30sec or so, introductory video of yourself, be it the real you or the version of yourself you are impersonating in a social video game of your choice! Those introductory videos consist of saying your nickname or the pseudonym you go by on the net, where you are from, how many years you’ve been playing video games, which social video games you play and why social video gaming matters to you. If you feel like doing more, you can also submit videos or screenshots of social and asocial behaviors you’ve experienced in games!

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If you want to participate, please send me your video(s) before November 30th via Direct Chat. All the participants will be credited and given the link to the final project on to experience what they have been a part of by December 2nd! 😊

(Sorry if my English isn’t perfect)


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