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Negative Aspects Of Older Gamers


Before everyone go on yelling at me about being ageist, just know that I am actually of that generation of older gamers. Started on the NES and Super Nintendo. So yea, I've been around. Although admittedly during the early parts of my childhood, I didn't really play a lot of games. I've had hand me downs in a low income family so even when I got the console, I didn't have a lot of games. Played Super Mario World a lot, Street Fight from time to time, loved Kirby's Avalanche, got stuck on a certain point in TNMT.

Like most people, we usually start out as a more casual gamer. But nowadays, I'm more mid-level or at best above average gamer. Not an elite or even solid gamer. At best I was S2 in LoL and 2750 in OW. When it comes to single player games, I usually just beat it in normal (never easy) and that's pretty much it. I might of done Jedi Master in Fallen Order but it's been awhile, I forget. I've gotten to CT15 on Outriders and M10 on Borderlands, although I know it's not really solely a difficulty as much as it is gear based. I stream based on the same name so if you are interested in looking me up, go ahead. I have an associated youtube you guys can check out too since Twitch won't hold my older streams.

But the thing I want to discuss about is the things I just don't like about older gamers when it comes to them and their involvement in the gaming community. These are by no means catch-alls and there are of course caveats and other cases as well. But I wanted to highlight certain aspects.

I am very well aware I will be pegged for strawmanning in my post as I provide examples. It is important to recognize that strawmanning isn't just providing an example, but a false and/or lesser representation to beat down and claim victory over it. I assure you, from my many years as a gamer and a person who talks to gamers, these samples are real.

Games Are Meant To Be Fun Remember?

Again, this is my generation, I know what I am talking about and I am sure you guys have all heard this phrase mentioned in forums specifically when it is involved in COMPETITIVE games like LoL, OW, Apex, Dota, etc. And I can't even begin to express my frustration at this notion. I hate it because these people act as if some how they are the ones with this golden and profound knowledge. It must be that the world is mad. It can't be their fault. Remember when we used to play games for fun? Do you remember fun?

Of course we do, we all play games for fun, we wouldn't of started it otherwise. Somehow, this older generation of gamers got into their minds that because people get mad during losses, that these people forgot what fun was like. They have created a strawman which stipulates that these very competitive gamers who are yelling at them must have gotten to so focused on winning, that they have forgotten how to enjoy the gaming experience. They project on to others their opinion that if you don't like losing, then you must not be enjoying yourself at all.

I rage when I play so I know what I am talking about when I say that even when I rage, at the end of it, I still enjoy the game and it's still FUN. I'm mad because it could of been more fun. And this where the funny part is. Because these older gamers, with their ridiculous perception that WE have forgotten fun, are the ones with actual memory issues. Because THEY are the ones who have forgotten why gaming was so enjoyable back in the olden times. Because they were harder and more challenging and when you beat the game, the boss or a friend, the amount of satisfaction you felt was due to you the details of how you did it and got there. Not just sitting on a chair and clicking a few buttons.

And when it comes to competitive games, specifically more team based games, what these people don't recognize is that when people are raging at you, it's not always because you are bad. A lot of times it's just very simple decisions you are not making. Not grouping up with the team when they ask you to, not warding, etc. Because, older gamers, remember this is about FUN. And what is FUN is playing the actual game. And if you are in a team based competitive game, treat it like a team based competitive game.

And this is why it pisses me off because it's absurd to me that these people actually think people forgot about fun. It's crazy because I say older gamers, but they aren't even that old. 30-40 is not that old. Yet some how they think we forgot about fun.

Must Be A Kid

Sometimes when people play competitive team based games, it gets heated. And sometimes, people start calling each other kids. Because, in these older gamer's minds, only a kid without a mortgage, children and responsibilities could possibly be that invested in games and be upset when they lose. Only kids have all the time in the world to get good at a game and carry my sorry ass. Only children can do that. But as adults, we have so many variety of vocals form really deep to medium pitch to a more higher end pitch.

This pisses me off the because kinda like the other one, it's sad. And at first I really thought these people were just talking shit. Infantize a person as a way to demean them. But I have co-workers and I hear a handful of them talk about how they don't play competitive team based games because there is always some "kid" on the other side destroying the shit out of them or yelling at them. But I know this isn't true because I'm not a kid and I have other co-workers who aren't casual gamers who also yell at their teammates.

I get it. It's defensive mechanism to protect their self worth. But it's all really pathetic. The thing is, there are just talented people in the world. They can have a mortgage, a family and be Plat in LoL. I know my friend is.

Game Design Choices

Ok I lied, I will strawman in this last section of my post. And to be honest, it's this section that bothers me the most and it's actually what drove me to write this piece in the first place. I find that even today, I see elements of older game design choices in todays games and not the good parts of it or utilized in a good way. And I feel like the reason these choices are there is because the Product Mangers in these companies are probably gamers from the 30-40 age group. Because I otherwise can't fathom why these would be in today's games if a younger generation of gamers were making decisions.

I've mentioned Super Mario World before so let's bring it up again. Most well known platformer of all time. People loved the game. I loved the game as kid too. I don't like platformers anymore and I specifically play games that AREN'T PLATFORMERS. I feel like because of how prolific that game was, a lot of older gamers in the gaming industry decide to put platforming challenges into games where it doesn't belong so they can capture their former glory or something.

Let's talk Devil May Cry for a moment, I loved the game. It's a good action hack-and-slash combo driven game. Puzzles are an aspect of it too although secondary. But a lot of times, at least DMC 1-4, there were a handful of platforming challenges when you wanted to get upgrades or do some side stuff. So not mandatory. The thing is, it wasn't the game's focus. It's fine to add elements of other genres, but any type of challenges, even side stuff, should really be more focused on the game's genre(s). Because that's what we are buying it for. I bought a action hack-and-slash game that had some puzzles in it from time to time. I didn't buy it to do platforming. I think DMC 5 got rid of this or had much less of it because I remember not being pissed about this when I played it.

Borderlands. I love this series. I loved 1, 2 and 3. And at no point, was it ever a platformer. Yea you are suppose to run around shoot in those arena challenges. And yea in 3 there is mounting and they want you to use the platforms when moving and shooting, but platforming challenges was never a part of it. And maybe this was only issue for me because I played Zane and ran a build that focused on me increasing my speed 10x. But I ran into a boss recently and he wasn't hard to kill. But he had various stages and I kept dying. Not because the boss killed me, but because I had to jump on these platforms or else I would die. You can see how running super fast made this less easy. Not difficult. But I definitely died about 2-3 times because of falling off a platform. Again, most of borderlands has no platforming challenges. It's a looter shooter. Don't add platforming into this genre where it doesn't belong. I suppose it wasn't too difficult but was so annoying to die by falling. As you can see there is a pattern from this and the above. I don't mind when games stray away from their genre, but it just shouldn't be part of the challenges

Another example, Doom Eternal. And by the way I love Doom Eternal. I also liked the DMC games. So I by no means hate these games, I just hate certain decisions. So in Doom Eternal, you have lives. And if you die, it automatically just used your lives. Like in older games. But with a twist. Instead of starting from the beginning, you just continue. Smooth transition. I kinda feel like this harkens back to older games where lives were just automatically used. But I've seen so many games now where lives aren't automatically used. DMC is a great example of that where if you died, you get a choice to resume or not. I get the experience they were trying to deliver. It's a mix of the very old with something new. But they should of made this a toggle option. The problem has already been solved. We already have games that provides a better extra life experience than auto usage. We are just going back in time so people can experience their former glories.

I'm not a fan of the new Star Wars trilogy, but there is one line from Kylo Ren I did like. "Let the past die". And that's kinda what we need to do, just let the past die. I've seen other older game designs like being very cryptic with it's problem. Unfortunately I don't have an example for this one, but I've seen games be very confusing about the problem you are trying to solve and I see other people make the excuse "well you just have to figure it out". I like figuring stuff out. But when you are cryptic, it causes player to really just brute force a solution instead of actually thinking about how to solve the thing. Pull every lever and try everything. That's not figuring it out. Figuring it out requires a thought process. This is just repeated mechanical actions. A lot of older games were cryptic too. And it was fine back in the day when we expected less. But its considered cheap now.


Thanks for reading my entire rant. Maybe it's just me, but I have a lot of antagonistic feelings towards gamers of my generation. Don't get me wrong, they aren't all bad. They have a lot of positive value. I mean we play these positive values these people churn out. And we enjoy them, but there is this desire of nostalgia in them that I hate. This desire to call back to older times that they remember fondly with rose-tinted lens. The mental gymastics some of these people use when they play competitive games. It's quite frankly, infuriating and frustrating to see


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