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New Eden – Upcoming Indie Pixel Souls-like MMORPG

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Soulsbourne, Pixel Art , MMORPG , and Story-driven.

New Eden is set in a far-future world that blends high fantasy with cyberpunk sci-fi. Featuring intense, strategic combat based on fluid animations, a modular levelling system full of unique skills and subsystems, large, open environments and deep lore, we hope to push the boundaries of what can be expected out of a modern indie MMORPG.

New Eden 2019 Dynamic Scenery

There are a variety of weapons, equipment and skills to gain and choose from, Players must learn the combat mechanics of New Eden and use it towards their advantage to survive. Players have the ability to explore Estaria as they please to find treasures and run into menacing boss fights.

New Eden 2021 – Short PVP clip

New Eden is an ambitious project. We want to keep our team small and sustainable, retain control over the content we make in order to remain accountable to our Community. We know how ambitious it is, and have developed several systems and workflows to make this task manageable. We are confident we can achieve this, but we know that it will take a lot of time. This is why we’ve adopted our Open Development strategy. We always intended for New Eden to be free to play, so we figured why not let people play it while it’s still in development? It helps us get to know what you want out of the game better, and it lets us focus on a smaller, more directed experience that we can keep adding to and expanding as we are able to.

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The game is Available for Download on Discord:

please note it's still in Early Alpha and is only a test build.

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We will be most active on Discord if you'd like to ask questions or provide feedback about the game.

If you are really really interested then check out our Lore book to give you guys a even better understanding about New Eden. It would be located in the Discord channel > Game-Info

Current build:

  • PvP arena
  • 6 weapon types
  1. 1-Handed Sword
  2. Great sword
  3. Spear
  4. Claw
  5. Bow
  6. Staff
  • Short instanced area with a small variety of unique enemies
  • 1 Boss

Planned Features: Upcoming – Estimated Release August 31, 2021

  • Expanded Combat System
  • Larger Garden Area with Exploration/Secrets
  • Levelling -Party Instancing -Social Area
  • Expanded PvP Arena -Expanded Character Customization
  • Story/Questing -First Dungeon -More Weapon Types
  • More Enemy Types (Including Bosses and Mini-Bosses)
  • Regular Competitive Events -Regular Balancing/QoL Updates

Long-Term – Estimated release TBD

  • Large Open Shared World
  • Multiple Dungeons, Raids and Bosses
  • Guilds and Factions -Towns -Crafting
  • Pets/Mounts -Socially-Driven Questing Structure
  • Quarterly Expansions
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We plan to stagger the releases of features, so hopefully you’ll see some of these sooner than the end of summer.

Dates and features are subject to change. We set goals for ourselves, but are working as hobbyists and only have so much time to give to the project. We also want to include as many community suggestions as possible, so we like to keep our plans a little fluid.

New Eden 2021 Garden

New Eden 2021 Cave

New Eden 2020 Snakehead – Valley

New Eden 2019 Stronghold

New Eden 2019 Xmas Event


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