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New Pokemon Snap | Review Thread

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Game Information

Game Title: New Pokémon Snap


  • Nintendo Switch (Apr 30, 2021)


Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.

Publisher: Nintendo

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – -1 average – -1% recommended – 1 reviews (Switch) 83/100
MetaCritic – -19 favorable (Switch) 80/100

Critic Reviews

EGMMichael Goroff10 / 10

New Pokémon Snap might be one of the most thoroughly pleasant games that's come out for the Switch, if not ever. While the core gameplay is the same as it was in 1999, everything about the 2021 game is better. The environments are visual delights, the Pokémon are lovingly recreated, and the progression and pacing are just right. If the hobby of gaming has started to feel like a second or third job, then New Pokémon Snap might just be the vacation you need.

GameMAGRussian8 / 10

New Pokemon Snap is a true gift to the fans, that came out 22 years after the original release. But newcomers can enjoy this game too, by having fun with tons and tons of pokemons, in an easy going and enjoyable ways.

Nintendo LifeJon Cartwright8 / 10

If, like us, you've been waiting a significant chunk of your life for a sequel to Pokémon Snap, then you're in luck; New Pokémon Snap brings back almost everything that made the original special and fleshes it out into a much more elaborate game. This is something you can sink some serious time into and while there are some minor frustrations and pacing issues in the story, playing freely at your own pace is a pure joy. The original has gone down in history possibly as Pokémon's greatest spinoff, and it may have just been dethroned.

NintendoWorldReportJohn Rairdin7.5 / 10

It is significantly bigger than the original, and photo editing options in combination with Twitter and Facebook integration make it a somewhat more social experience. While it is easy to say this is the definitive Pokemon Snap experience, I can't help but find myself wanting something that truly feels new rather than simply more. New Pokemon Snap is a loyal-to-a-fault sequel, that hopefully harkens to something a bit more adventurous down the line.

Press StartShannon Grixti8 / 10

New Pokemon Snap really captures what has made Pokemon popular for so many years. It gives a new life to so many Pokemon that we've known and loved over the years and provides a relaxing relief from the plethora of action games on the market. I don't know if a lot of the padding was necessary, but I still enjoyed every second of my time with the game.

WellPlayedEleanore Blereau9 / 10

New Pokémon Snap is the perfect mix of discovery and escapism that retains its nostalgic feel but in a modern and beautiful Poké-laden package.

Screen RantZackerie Fairfax4.5 / 5

New Pokémon Snap is a stunning experience that, at its best, feels like Pokémon for the first time.

Comic BookChristian Hoffer4.5 / 5

New Pokemon Snap could very well be the next "chill" hit for Nintendo in the vein of last year's Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game itself has very low stakes, but there's still lots to explore and find, and it should be a great distraction for players over the rest of the spring and summer.

IGNRebekah Valentine8 / 10

After a 22-year gap, New Pokémon Snap is a successful modern reinvention of all the best ideas of Pokémon Snap, with more courses, more Pokémon, and more reasons to revisit familiar spots in pursuit of the perfect shot. Some of its supportive systems, like its photo scoring and tutorials, can drag down momentum or even frustrate at times. But at the end of the day, some artificial grade is utterly secondary to the clever environmental storytelling you’ll experience as you level up courses, the fun of discovering surprising photo opps, and the sheer joy of observing a moving ecosystem of believable, personable, and lovable Pokémon.

Washington PostShannon Liao – N/A

It’s hard to be mad at a game that knows exactly what its purpose is and delivers on its promise — breathtaking, Vogue-worthy shots of Pokémon lit by sunlight or set during festive jungle nights. The one-note nature of the game hearkens back to 1999, and nostalgia is what fans seek. But just like the game expects me to be able to find Pokémon in the dark and to nail all kinds of mechanics for the special four-stars, I expect the game to spring a few more surprises and keep me on my toes.

GameInformerBrian Shea8.5 / 10

New Pokémon Snap delivers an experience similar to that of the original while expanding on the formula in ways that prolong the appeal of the expedition. In the two decades since the first game’s release, the Pokémon world has changed in innumerable ways, but the simple appeal of immersing yourself in this universe and taking pictures has remained unchanged.

MetroGameCentral8 / 10

In Short: It’s been a long time coming but the magic of Pokémon Snap has been effectively recreated in a game that’s more challenging and engrossing than its peaceable premise suggests.

Pros: The original concept still works very well in terms of both gameplay and its depiction of the pokémon world. A deceptive amount of content with some cleverly hidden secrets.

Cons: The gameplay hasn’t fundamentally changed from the original, despite the obvious potential for expansion. Photo grading often seems arbitrary.

EurogamerLottie LynnRecommended

While New Pokémon Snap relies on the foundation built by the original game, it has managed to develop these mechanics to create a longer, more fulfilling, experience. An ever-present charm runs throughout the game, from how well the Pokémon models are rendered to the photo editing feature, which allows you to add some pizzazz to your favourite pictures. Admittedly, it is targeted more towards the already dedicated Pokémon fan rather than a newcomer. If you're willing to take the plunge though, you'll discover a relaxing, yet slightly strange, game perfect for Pokémon photography marathons.

TechRadarAdam Vjestica2.5 / 5

New Pokémon Snap feels antiquated by today’s standards. Your enjoyment of the game will ultimately come down to whether you enjoy taking hundreds of pictures of virtual creatures, as you slowly chug along predetermined paths multiple times in the hopes of spotting something new. It’ll probably pass muster with Pokémon-loving kids, who will delight in seeing Pikachu scamper across the screen for perhaps the very first time. But for anyone aged 10 or above, this eclectic safari park isn’t worth the price of admission.

WaypointRicardo Contreras – N/A

At its worst it feels like I’m on an amusement ride, but at its best it transports me into a world teeming with life that is scared, bemused, annoyed, or just plain ambivalent of my existence. And what more could I want than to be completely ignored by a Pokémon, not just because the game says it should, but because that Pokémon has better things to do than smile for the camera?


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